#WaybackWednesday: David Bowie’s Sound and Vision

I love new music, but when I listen to songs from another generation like this one from David Bowie, I get nostalgic of an era I wasn’t even a part of, we are so heavily saturated with new music (I say this because our e-mail inbox for the blog is so out of control I couldn’t even begin to look at it) its nice to listen to a little retro jam.

I’ll also say that I’m not a massive David Bowie fan, I think Pressure is one of the greatest songs, but I don’t have his entire catalogue, I did have the chance to listen to some of his new music, but wasn’t extremely moved- sorry :S.  This song though, is something I can jam to, on repeat, consistently and not be phased.  You don’t have to be quite that extreme but I do hope you’ll give it a listen and enjoy (even if you’ve heard it before).

David Bowie – Sound and Vision