First listen: New Caribou single “Can’t Do Without You”

Sasha and I love Caribou.

A lot.

I really mean it. It’s probably a mix of university hometown pride and adoration for great slow-burning dance tracks that subliminally call our names.

Dan Snaith just dropped the first single off his new album Our Love (out Oct 7th on Merge) yesterday, and dare I say – it’s a bit too nice. I don’t want to fall asleep during a Caribou track. I want it to evolve, morph, and surprise me. Can’t Do Without You doesn’t really challenge the listener in the fresh ways that Andorra (2007) and Swim (2010) did. I’m hoping that the rest of Our Love is slightly more dynamic, because I would hate for Caribou’s most influential period to be behind us.

We all remember when Snaith took a bit of a breather to explore pure, explosive dance tracks under Daphni (Jiaolong, 2012), so I was hoping that he would be veering back into experimental territory on his next bout of recording. Fingers crossed!

Indie-licious Tues July 2nd 2013

1. I Feel Dizzy – RCRDS
2. Phone Call – Jon Brion
3. Pairs – Daphni
4. Dark Age – First Rate People
5. In The Future – Architecture In Helsinki
6. When Will You Go – The Dodos
7. Sandy – Jackson Scott
8. Chameleon – Ruby Pins
9. Zombie Eyed – The Dirty Nil
10. l’Ocean – Javelin
11. Woof Woof – Dan Deacon
12. Mute – Youth Lagoon
13. Planet – Anamanaguchi
14. Terminally Chill – Neon Indian