Attention Spice Girls Fans Everywhere!! MØ covers Say You’ll Be There

I am just living in this Spice Girls cover right now.

I read Danish singer, (real name Karen Marie Ørsted), is a fan of the revolutionary girl group so I’m not surprised she did such a beautiful job reworking Say You’ll Be There. I actually couldn’t imagine someone who didn’t grow up listening and loving the group (possibly taking quizzes to find out “Which Spice are you?”) doing the song such justice.

More from , her single Glass which I also love:

COVERS: Lorde’s take on Everybody Wants to Rule the World

LordeEverybody Wants to Rule the World

This song goes out to the girl who didn’t know Tears for Fears was the original creator of the ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World‘ beat until young adulthood (the girl is me).  The first time I heard any part of the song was when Nas sampled it (I had a few older cousins who were really into rap and I started listening  by osmosis).  Anyways, this newly released cover for the upcoming Hunger Games movie made me think back to the time I DID hear the original on the radio and reacted a lot  like this:

It’s a bit of a shame Lorde’s cover isn’t longer though, I easily could have listened to another couple minutes of it.  If you feel the same way I included the original and sampled version by Nas below for you to fill your time with.

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Chipotle makes good ads (and burritos) and Fiona Apple makes a mean cover of Pure Imagination

I shared this Fiona Apple cover of Pure Imagination on our Facebook page when it was released, but it’s just such a beautiful version of the original, I had to give it it’s own post.

It comes from the new Chipotle ad ‘The Scarecrow’ which I think is awesome and well done if you’re into socially responsible messaging that brings you to the brink of tears??? (Me watching this commercial the first time)

And it’s not like I really needed another reason to love Chipotle, but they’ve done  a couple other cool collaborations like this in the past, one with Willie Nelson and another one with Karen O that I will go check out immediately after I take a break from repeatedly listening to this one… in a minimized internet tab…because I can’t spend my whole morning crying.

What do you think about these collaborations?  I mean if Beyonce can front Pepsi, can’t Chipotle get a little love too?

Courntey Barnett covers Kanye West’s BLKKK SKKKN HEAD

Note: I made some edits to the original post because I wasn’t aware of how charged a response people would have to the cover.  I’m still all for sharing both songs, I’ll leave you to make you decision on if you like her interpretation.

I found out about Melbourne’s Courtney Barnett from triple J radio, a great Australian station, if you haven’t checked it out, GO, you can listen live for free.

They have a ‘Like a Version’ segment on one of their shows that revolves around covers (like Abbe May’s cover of Genuine’s Pony).  Courtney Barnett chose to cover Kanye West’s BLKKK SKKKN HEAD (aka black skinhead), a bold choice.

When I saw that she was going for that song, I was wondering how this psychedelic, surf rock chick was going to manage a Kanye song — I mean I’m a huge fan of the original and how would she tackle some of those lyrics… ei yi yi.  Take a listen to both the cover and original below:

If you want to hear more music from Courtney Barnett, take a listen to her A Sea Of Split Peas EP below.

Every song sounds like it’s supposed to be in a surf movie, and I’m not mad at that.