Indie-licious Tues Feb 10th 2015

I recorded this in a defective studio where there was a weird humming that I only realized after I had gotten home. Originally, I intended to re-record, but ran out of time. So here it is – rough but loveable!


1. Canadian Synesthesia – Arbutus*
2. Bedroom Safari – Arbutus*
3. Last Light at Sonora Pass – Andrew Weathers
4. There’s Gold in These Hills – Andrew Weathers
5. Witch – Ando Laj*
6. Ancestral Footsteps – Jo Johnson
7. Slowly Sinking – Valerio Cosi
8. Quiet Life – Brady Allard*
9. OPIUM CLOUDS – Dead Land*
10. River Spirit Rises – Dead Land*
11. Wasat – Com Truise


This fan-made video for Com Truise’s 5891 is insanely good

Freelance LA-based cinematographer Marz Miller just created this eerily beautiful and somewhat frightening video for 5891 by Com Truise. The short film was released today and stars T.J. Hamouzas and Sarah Simmons, with animation by Nathan Sam.

5891 is a bonus track on Seth Haley’s 2011 EP Cyanide Sisters. My all-time favourite Com Truise album is 2012’s In Decay. When I was going through a bitter breakup this winter, I decided to go running, and the beautiful arcs and dips of this album ended up matching the cadences of my angry footsteps (and heaving sobs). It might sound like a strange choice for a breakup album (and I hesitate to even call it that, since it was one of those post-millenial non-relationships), but my hookup was an emotional deadbeat with excellent taste in music and introduced me to Com Truise. So thanks bud!

5891 – Com Truise (Princeton) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website

My favourite tracks from In Decay are all nestled around the beginning of the album and can still make me feel that wonderful sense of nostalgic sadness (even though I don’t desire to be in that emotional state anymore). It’s almost like a fracture that’s completely healed but still gets sensitive when it rains. You remember the good time you were having right before you broke your arm and for a fraction of a second, it seems like the cast was worth it.


Indie-licious Tues Jan 7th 2014

Source: Isabelle Adjani photographed by Jean-Claude Deutsch, 1973

1. Soak It Up – Houses
2. Dead Houses – Wave Machines
3. Lost In The Light – Bahamas
4. Paris – M. O. O. N.
5. Horse Steppin – Sun Araw
6. Smily Cyclops – Com Truise
7. Morning High – La Luz
8. I Like It In The Dark – Crocodiles
9. Zebra – Beach House
10. Peach – Emily Reo
11. Come Home – Amatorski
12. Lady Luck – Pickwick