My wise blood tells me secrets


Who are Pittsburgian band Wise Blood? Discuss.

1. Animal Collective, the awkward freshmen, spilling Cheetos on the dance floor of the neighborhood cool kid’s summer party?
2. MGMT twirling in circles and spewing cassette tape?
3. Coconut Records smiling through demented, bloody teeth after doing a half-pipe in the drained pool?

Answer: Maybe they’re all of these things. Maybe they’re just plain amazing.

(Katie, Please see me after class)

It doesn’t matter that I can’t understand a word that Christopher Laufman is saying. Somehow, that makes it even better, because then I can fill in whatever words I want. This song is an acid-green slushie spilled on the sidewalk, it’s smushed pink bubblegum on a summer school desk, it’s a broken plastic scooter, it’s a Carnie ride paid for with a three dollar pink ticket. It’s whatever I want it to be, and it’s mine.

MP3: Rot My Brain AwayWise Blood
I’m a strange tiger in a stranger jungle.

File this one under Catchy Glitch Drugjams, Penelope.

August 2010

Welcome to August everyone! Warm weather, long weekends, and (for me at least) birthdays.  I intentionally put a song with some birthday lyrics in there just for me, but the rest of the songs are a mix of older and new.  It’s basically a mash-up of what I wanted to listen to in the car/at work for the rest of this glorious month — so I hope that  you’ll like it too.  Enjoy.

Track Listing
01 Wires - Coconut Records
02 Turtles Have Short Legs - Can
03 Sheila - Atlas Sound
04 Yellow Wings - Keepaway
05 Swift Coin - Land of Talk
06 Hey - Pixies
07 Black Sheep - Metric
08 My Heart Rate Rapid - Metronomy
09 Kites - Geographer
10 Polygons - Magic Man
11 New Country (live) - Broken Social Scene
12 Come Back - Born Ruffians
13 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) - Arcade Fire
14 Frankenstein - Tokyo Police Club