🍊 ~“ have a nice day (experimental p⍥p mix) 💛


Perky pop, dreamy tape chop-n-screws, hopeless romantix, tender boïs.

1. Lawnmower – Macula Dog
2. Hermit – Cloud Becomes Your Hand
3. TVOD – Nots
4. Raga Kalavati – Charanjit Singh
5. DARK WEB 001 – Giant Claw
6. Nothing Ever – ((PRESSURES))
7. Heat Wave (Unknown)
8. Foreign Tapes – Fernando Javier Benavides
9. hell o tender – memo boy
10. So Easy – Paul Cherry
11. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Unknown)
12. Kill The Dream – Jerry Paper
13. Born Too Late – Dent May
14. The Magician – Andy Shauf*
15. Give Me Something To Do – Good Morning
16. I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City (Harry Nilsson cover) – Makeout Videotape*
17. POLO (Unknown)
18. Sweet Dreams – Angel Olsen



I had written down all the information about this mix and then lost the paper. So if anyone knows the musicians behind Heat Wave, this Raindrops cover, and POLO, let me know. I know I’ll come across them again sometime, but Shazam is baffled.