Indie-licious Tues June 10th 2014


Prisma 1666 – Harald Haraldsson

1. Hackle Scam Populator (Karen Gwyer Remix) – Sculpture
2. Free Food / One Men Striper – Karen Gwyer
3. Downtown – High Ends
4. Before You Ever Talked – Belgian Fog
5. Feel It In My Bones – Blackbird Blackbird
6. Bad Water – Carroll
7. Without a Face – Luluc
8. Cat In The Hallway – Tiny Ruins
9. Jan. 3rd – WHOOP-Szo
10. Neon Visions – SMLH
11. Can’t Do Without You – Caribou
12. Jenni – Thunderhank


TGIF Playlist: June 6, 2014

I moved last weekend, so even though I put the bones of this post together a week ago, I disconnected the internet too soon and didn’t get a chance to finish, or make it live. (so many excuses…) Aaaaaanyways, here is some music that I was listening to as I packed up all my junk, then lugged it from one spot to another, as well as some new stuff for this weekend.

  • I love this band, I’m not as in love with this Tokyo Police Club album as I was with Elephant Shell or Champ, but this song is cute, upon cute, upon cute. “When you smile, you smile with all your teeth at once”… I mean most people smile with all their teeth, but I think the lyrics are adorable and for a band that usually caps their songs around 2.5/3 minutes (even though I wish they’d go longer), I’m happy to see a song that almost hits the 9 minute mark.
  • Phoenix has been releasing some great remixes, SOS In Bel Air is still my favourite, but this one by Gopher & Devin is starting to rack up the plays in my itunes. Fun fact: both bands are French.
  •  There are no lyrics in this PEELERS SELLERS song, just straight up “computer sounds” as my parents call them that make me feel like I should be doing something cool by the ocean.
  • Excited for some new Caribou, Can’t Do Without You takes a moment (around a minute and a half) for the beat to drop, kinda couldn’t help but think of this, but it’s a great song, now I only have to wait until October 7, to get the album.
  • Electro-Soul from Brooklyn band Denitia and Sene, not sure it gets more hip that that, another good song of theirs is Divided.
  • CATHEDRALS made an appearance on one of my favourite TGIF playlist back in March. They just released Want My Love and it reminds me of a smooth 90s R&B slowjam, another winning track from the band.

  • I saw Foster the People at Massey Hall and Are you What You Want to Be? stuck out, it is one of those songs that you listen to again because it’s really upbeat/catchy, but then you slowly pay attention to the lyrics, and they’re deep and interesting.
  • More Sylvan Esso love to cap off this list, this time it’s a remix

Thanks for checking out the playlist, hope you have a great weekend!

First listen: New Caribou single “Can’t Do Without You”

Sasha and I love Caribou.

A lot.

I really mean it. It’s probably a mix of university hometown pride and adoration for great slow-burning dance tracks that subliminally call our names.

Dan Snaith just dropped the first single off his new album Our Love (out Oct 7th on Merge) yesterday, and dare I say – it’s a bit too nice. I don’t want to fall asleep during a Caribou track. I want it to evolve, morph, and surprise me. Can’t Do Without You doesn’t really challenge the listener in the fresh ways that Andorra (2007) and Swim (2010) did. I’m hoping that the rest of Our Love is slightly more dynamic, because I would hate for Caribou’s most influential period to be behind us.

We all remember when Snaith took a bit of a breather to explore pure, explosive dance tracks under Daphni (Jiaolong, 2012), so I was hoping that he would be veering back into experimental territory on his next bout of recording. Fingers crossed!

Some Music for the World Traveller

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a downloadable playlist, so I finally fought off my laziness long enough to put some songs together and get one up on the blog— and now I feel like I’ve had a pretty productive day and it’s only noon, which is dangerous, because I may spend the rest of the afternoon watching terrible reality TV or napping with the dog to keep me in check.  It’s my day off and these are my life decisions…

Travelling has always been a pretty fun and relaxing thing for me, because you’re usually going somewhere new and exciting so it’s always worth the sore neck from awkward napping positions and germs from the recycled air, plus, making a playlist for the airport/flight just adds extra excitement to the whole process. So here are 15 songs inspired by travelling and the places that make me want to go to them, that hopefully you can enjoy next time you take off.


Track Listing:
01 You Only Live Once - the Strokes
 02 Gangster Tripping - Fatboy Slim
 03 Archipelago - Miike Snow
 04 Leave House - Caribou
 05 Eighth Avenue - Hospitality
 06 Trip - Vacationer
 07 Canada vs. America - Broken Social Scene
 08 Mexico - The Soft Pack
09 Verona - Geographer
 08 Zimbabwe - Bob Marley 
10 Paris 2004 - Peter, Bjorn & John
11 Summer - Tiger Waves
 13 Desert Island - Architecture in Helsinki
14 The Harrowing Adventures Of - Tokyo Police Club
 15 Lucid Dreams - Franz Ferdinand

Awake at Midnight – Mixtape

This is the playlist that made itself.

I listen to this mix and it takes me somewhere far away, where the months fly from February to April, skipping over slushy March entirely.


1. Free My Mind (RAC Remix) – Katie Herzig
2. Sitting – White Denim
3. Neighbor Crimes – Capybara
4. The Sun – SURES
5. Brand New Start – Concrete Knives
6. Paddling Out – Miike Snow
7. In Decay – Phedre
8. My Better Self – Tennis
9. Breathing Out – Doveman
10. Unless You Speak From Your Heart – Porcelain Raft
11. Stones In The Attic – Mr. Little Jeans
12. You Need Me On My Own – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
13. Sweet Cheeks – Digital Leather
14. Top Bunk – Gauntlet Hair
15. Little By Little (Caribou Remix) – Radiohead