New Music: Nevrmind’s Dream Volume


Self-described as “music for being alone on the Internet at 3 am,” Canadian Nevrmind’s Dream Volume evokes the feeling of an empty dance floor, blurred eyes pink from the glow of an exit sign, feeling the weight of a watered-down mixed drink sloshing against the sides of a plastic cup, unencumbered by a coat and purse long gone missing.

At its simplest, Dream Volume is a moody 5-track album of ambient, electronic dance music. But ingested after midnight, Dream Volume enters a wifi state of mind, constantly reloading and refreshing, geotagging to a nearby café in Chinatown, toggling to someone else’s iPhone, dancing as though someone is watching, cropping for later. Listen late.

Best Tracks: Diaspora, Sunrise, Sunset, and Newborn

New Music: Brandon Munro’s Armgods


Something warped is in the Peterborough water. I say this with the deep affection of someone whose family tree’s roots have been slurping the groundwater for 80 years.

Brandon Munro’s delicately wonky wanderings on Armgods were written in February for the RPM Challenge (10 songs or 35 minutes in 28 days). With looped & detuned electric guitar lines, relaxed toms, and slightly hoarse, removed vocals, this is a solid bedroom pop album just begging for an electronic remix.

Relaxing, unpretentious, and easy, Armgods reminds me of a nursery mobile spinning with bent plastic arms, drooping so low into the cradle that the pilled, dangling zoo animals graze the mattress with every rotation.

Best Tracks: Newsno, NightHome, and BED.

Rebecca’s Room (New Waterford, Nova Scotia)

Rebecca’s Room is a project from New Waterford, Nova Scotia (kind of close to Sydney) by Andrew Gillis and Blaine Mills with additional ladyvocals from Rebecca Ratchford & cutie anon. mothbits, plus Blair Lucas from Walrus and Glen Bourgeois.

They are simply a treat – lo-fi, dreamy, lazy bedroom pop that feels just like dipping your fingers into a cold summer lake and swirling them around.

Rights Of Spring is a righteous summer jam. #1 primo stuff, guaranteed. Straight up proof that double-layering the exact same melody between male-female vocalists is a tried-n-true pop hook.

See you there is also a deelite. Super playful, simple, with some interesting, vaguely alarming feedback that loops around in the end.

I bet you’re hooked now, right? Excellent kick drum in Juxtaposed – the whole beat just screams with a closed mouth.

One more, for the boys. That’s you starts with a suspended chord that immediately resolves into perfection. This is the kind of song you put on in the late afternoon, when the sun is just peeking through the curtains and bathing everything in canary gold.

Indie-licious Tues Apr 28th 2015 ✙ Canadian Women ⚢

Oriol Angrill Jordà

Oriol Angrill Jordà

This episode is 100% Canadian, 100% women (a few exceptions where men are in the band too!)

1. Canonized – Faith Healer
2. Outside – TOPS
3. After Tonight (it will never be night) – Energy Slime
4. Wasted Crochet – Bile Sister
5. Orphans Howling In The Wild – Tenderness
6. Space Diemonds – Fresh Flesh
7. Calabria 2014 – Moss Lime
8. The Surge – Castle If
9. Karmic Mechanic – Phèdre
10. Sour Paradise – Petra Glynt
11. Strange Attraction – D I A N A
12. Work From Home – U.S. Girls
13. Somebody – Nancy Pants
14. Apophenia – Tasseomancy
15. Neverride – Jennifer Castle
16. Wholesome – LOOM
17. Messages – Isla Craig


On Repeat: Chromeo’s Jealous (I ain’t With It)

I don’t think this song could be any catchier, I’ll be dancing around my office all day now, thanks.

So far the singles off White Women (which comes out May 12th) have been super upbeat, perfect for a house party, or some personal pep-up on a Monday. Another recent Chromeo single I’ve been enjoying is their song,Come Alive featuring Toro Y Moi check that out here, and for all those interested, the band will be playing the Danforth Music Hall May 2nd if you’re looking to dance it out in a public space:).