Tuesday Grab Bag

Sasha’s on vacation getting tan and eating brie & nectarine sandwiches. Meanwhile, I’m here in Canada crying into a hunk of Treselle mozzarella cheese from No Frills.

Related: why the heck is it so cold right now? Autumn, you’re acting like that one friend who shows up early to the party while I’m still in my underwear making onion dip. Go to the convenience store or something!!

Anyways, since it’s just me and my tears, here’s a Grab Bag. The first song is about shivering in the freezing cold. SASHA COME BACK 2 ME.

Warm On A Cold Night – HONNE (London) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Time Machine – Palace Winter (Copenhagen / Melbourne) Soundcloud | Facebook

Palace Winter is a collaboration between Caspar Hesselager of My Heart The Brave/Rumour Said Fire and Carl Coleman of Sink Ships. They met when Carl opened for Caspar’s band during a tour in Denmark in 2013. I love how warm and welcoming this track feels, building momentum through layers.


Houses – Fantastic Fantastic () Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

This track reminds me a little of Kangaroo Court by Capital Cities (which is also hella catchy and in the same key signature). Fantastic Fantastic is a UK summer pop duo.


Actually, while we’re at it, can we just take a moment to listen to Kangaroo Court? I love that song so much.


Kangaroo Court – Capital Cities (Los Angeles) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

I love putting this song on my running playlists (LOL “running”; haven’t done that in a few weeks) because it’s got a really good tempo for warmups and cooldowns.


Garden GraysWildcat! Wildcat! (Los Angeles) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

This song has a great clav entry, and reminds me of Sasha because it’s so upbeat and positive, with a great surprising key signature change.


Let’s slow it down for a second with a new track from Broads from their latest EP, Care & Handling, which came out on July 25th.

Sloe Foresting – Broads (Norwich) Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

Nothing lovelier than ambient folk music to slow down your heartbeat.


Tattoo – Raindeer (Baltimore) Soundcloud | Facebook  | Twitter

Reminds me a bit of Little Fang by Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks or perhaps early MGMT.


Statement – Dissolve (San Francisco) Soundcloud | Facebook

A bit of shoegaze from San Fran with sweet female vocals!


Take Me Back – Paperwhite (Brooklyn) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Paperwhite reminds me a lot of Chairlift, another great synthpop male-female duo from Brooklyn. Comprised of Katie and Ben Marshall, Paperwhite should appeal to fans of girl-fronted romantic dreampop.


Just Once – Shura (London) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

This girl can write a love ballad with lyrics like Lykke Li. This track has been my jam all week, mostly because I’ve been in a grumpy mood and taking it out on my poor lil’ Love Interest. He’s such a sweetheart and I’m an evil hag. SORRY BB.


That’s all for now! If you or a friend wants to submit music to Music Between Friends, drop us a line at musicbtwfriends [at] gmail.com

Indie-licious Tues Mar 4th 2014

1. Fill My Gums With Blood – Gengahr
2. Where Are You – Chad VanGaalen
3. The Bells – Lowell
4. Time In The World – Colleen Green
5. Next Stop – Bleached
6. Love That’s Gone – La Sera
7. Do You Wanna Live? – Los Porcos
8. Meta y Dinero – Los Blenders
9. Vegas Nights – Chela
10. Don’t Feed Me After Midnight – Hawaiian Gremlins
11. Best Friend – The Drums
12. Beachfire – Totoake
13. Drugs In My Pocket – The New Royales
14. Presser – Broads
15. Snow. – Baffin Nunavut