Highasakite cover Bon Iver’s Heavenly Father

Bon Iver songs are so soulful, there’s a good chance of fudging Justin Vernon’s heartbreaking vocals, but Highasakite does Heavenly Father all sorts of justice. It’s also really neat to hear a song’s vocals do a gender swap.

Check out the Norwegian band bust out the flugabone (it’s a musical instrument…) and make beautiful music:

Indie-licious Tues Feb 4th 2014

melt down by Mary S. Swanson

melt down by Mary S. Swanson

1. Halfway – Milagres
2. Elusive Youth – Elephant
3. 100 Lovers – Tennis
4. Holding On For Life (Zinner Remix) – Broken Bells
5. Digital Witness – St. Vincent
6. DEATH – Made In Heights
7. Down To The Sound – Bibio
8. I Can’t Make You Love Me (Bonnie Raitt Cover) – Bon Iver
9. By Your Side – CocoRosie
10. I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
11. All I Know – Washed Out
12. Psychic Chasms (Anoraak Remix) – Neon Indian
13. Astral – Pyramid


Sasha’s Favourite Albums of 2011- ENTIRE LIST

#1 – Jay Z & Kanye West – Watch the Throne

I’m sure this one came a shocker (…not).  Even though a bunch of the songs act as advertisements, the quality of this album is hard to match, and it was an easy pick as favourite of the year.  You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard at least one of Watch the Throne’s singles/songs, and you would have to be hit by that rock upside the head to not enjoy it… And on that note I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve, I’d be willing to bet you will be hearing this song at least once (or 3 times like their encores on this tour).  Enjoy!

Jay-Z & Kanye WestGotta Have it

 – The English Riviera
#3 – Bon Iver – Bon Iver, Bon Iver 

#4 – Caveman – CoCo Beware

#5 – Foster the People – Torches

#6 – Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes

#7 – tUnE-yArDs – WHO KILL

# 8 (TIE) – Drake – Take Care & Childish Gambino – CAMP

#9 – Florence and the Machine – Ceremonials (Deluxe Edition)

#10 – Arctic Monkeys – Suck it and See

Sasha’s Favourite Albums of 2011 Countdown: #3

#3 – Bon Iver – Bon Iver, Bon Iver 

Finally hit the top 3! The albums that got the most plays over the past year, and naturally became my ultimate favourites. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled a lot over 2011, and this is the album that would help me relax/fall asleep on any plane/bus/boat ride I took.  You’d think that would be a bad thing, but to me Justin Vernon’s voice and music is really beautiful (in a manly, scruffy bearded way) and it’s hard to not to zone out listening to it.  Whether he is backing Kanye West or making his own stuff, I just think Bon Iver/Justin Vernon is one of those musicians/band I don’t see myself ever getting tired of listening to.

Bon IverCalgary

Bon IverWash.

Bon Iver Stream: The 9:30 Club In Washington D.C.

I was preparing to post something about Bon Iver before the concert tonight and I found an entire stream of his recent show in Washington…the internet is an awesome thing.

I’ve been trying to get out of the habit of listening to a band non-stop right before a concert so I only listened to the intro but it was amazing.  Now I’m listening to the new album and my habit is still going strong.  The Soundcloud link is below and on top of that you can download the entire thing for free. I also included one of my favourite songs off Bon Iver.

Bon Iver – Wash  (I don’t know how Justin Vernon manages to make breaking up and failed relationships sound so beautiful, but he does, and I love it)