Bizarre Search Terms Round 4!

I will never understand how the internet thinks. It is a stream of non sequiturial glory. Here’s part four of an ongoing series in which I try to decode the mystery of how new readers trip across our blog.

Read parts 1, 2, and 3 here.

– wanna meet someone download
– hump de japonaises
– where to make musician friends toronto
– what between summer and winter
– nuclear family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– piece of timber with nothing to do
– its my days off
– black girls jump roping
– where do fripp island alligators hibernate
– lykke li lip job

Thanks for sending us your love, readers! Sadly, the search terms are getting less nonsensical as the years pass (far less meat lovers fans from days gone by), probably because we are becoming a [somewhat] credible music blog. Kittens remains our fourth highest search term of all time.

You’ve Got The Love (the xx remix)Florence + the Machine

Send Me Your LoveFletcher C. Johnson

Bizarre Search Terms Round 3! Plus, some music. Obviously.

This is probably my favourite part of having a blog – trying to understand why people use the search terms they do to get to our blog. Read parts 1 and 2 for more laffs.

First, please enjoy some tracks that I’ve been listening to a lot this week. I know that new music is really all you godless heathens care about. Slake your collective audiophilic thirsts with these!

And this last one is probably my favourite track of Summer 2013. It just won’t stop getting stuck in my head.

Now, onto some weird search terms from the last few months! Please keep in mind that this is a PERSONAL MUSIC BLOG WRITTEN BY 2 CANADIAN GIRLS IN TORONTO

– man sniffing butt
– “butt” “grope” “brooklyn”
– friends who dont buy music
– provincial parks life jacket rental
– ow
– gave a hand job to a friend
– i can’t stop listening to lana del rey
– blogs for teenagers toronto
– they play naked
– what to wear to work today
– manscaping
– fleet foxes teeth
– meatlovers

I’m glad that we please meatlovers, teens, and Williamsburg butt-gropers alike. That’s really what we’re aiming for.

Something in my house smells like fire right now, but this couch is really comfortable, so I’ll just probably go to sleep. Bye!