Birthdays pulls an Animal Collective with “Biggie-Shorty”

In keeping with my goal to post every day for the next week, here’s another song. This one’s more in the vein of Animal Collective, with its hectic, messy, experimental style and drawling, painful voicings (good pain though; like scratching an itch).

Birthdays is the project of Boston-based Samuel Yager and his pal Kevin. [On Facebook, Yager likes all of the music that I like, so it’s no surprise that I like his track Biggie-shorty]. Birthdays have a bunch of concerts lined up in along the Californian coast but so far the allure of chilly Canada hasn’t popped into their heads quite yet. So I’ll be content to admire from afar for now, as I do with Fol Chen.

MP3: Biggie-shorty – Birthdays

Fun Fact: Biggie Shorty was the name of Wanda Sykes’ character in Pootie Tang. Three cheers for the internet for always keeping me informed.