Happy Birthday Sasha! (Katie’s favourite b-day tracks)





Here’s why Sasha is the coolest girl ever:

1) She has awesome hair


2) She has great taste in music


3) She has great taste in clothes

super model

4) She has a car and can drive me around


5) She tolerates me

kitten pounce 2

Here is some actual music.

Birthday Song – Frankie Cosmos (New York) BandcampFacebook | Twitter

“I hate everybody in this town. So I walk around with my head down. And sit alone.”

Ah, there’s nothing like good ole birthday depression to make you feel world-weary and friendless. But Sasha, don’t worry! We’ll surround you with so much love and cuddles on your actual birthday that you won’t feel like Frankie Cosmos singer/guitarist Greta Kline.

Birthday Card – Kate Sikora (Boonton) Bandcamp | Facebook

Moar 90s girl-rock goodness.

I Hate My Birthday  – Silver Dapple (Montreal) Bandcamp | Facebook

“I hate my birthday, I hate my parents, I do drugs.” False! WE LOVE OUR DNA HOSTS. Drugz R Dangerus. Stay in school.

Birthday Beach Fossils (Brooklyn) Bandcamp

Planet Birthday – Beverly (Brooklyn) FacebookTwitter | Soundcloud

Slightly scuzzy female 90s rock with a slammin’ repetitive bassline.



It’s my 25th birthday. Here are my favourite 25 songs of 2013!


i’ll never be this kewt again

In no particular order, here are my favourite 25 tracks from 2013. You may have heard some of them on my radio show or seen them featured on the blog. These songs make me so happy to belong to the musical community of the Y generation – such wonderfully multi-faceted, dynamic, creative, hardworking individuals who deserve so much credit for what they’ve accomplished with limited resources and heavy competition. It’s so easy to sit back and press play and make a judgement call about a track without thinking about the hours of songwriting, recording, mixing, merchandising, marketing, social media maintenance, negotiations, legalities, and frugalities associated with the entire process. I’m guilty of doing that all the time. Judging art is a by-product of cultural over-saturation – there’s so much creative content available on the internet that music consumers are required to flip through files quickly as per our taste preferences to see what we want to sink our teeth into. Sometimes great tracks can pass you by.

It’s incredible to think that the music we listen to at vulnerable moments translates into an immeasurable, significant impact on the person you grow up to become. Thank god for cool roommates, good friends, and weird boyfriends who turned me onto new bands when I was in the midst of post-teenage angst and university study sessions. All of these tracks are all a part of me – they’re my birthday gift to you, dear reader. If you find a new favourite track, that will make me the happiest birthday girl in the world.

1. Ode To Subterrania by Hooded Fang (May 2013 / Full Time Hobby / Toronto) Twitter


2. Holy Fool by O Emperor (June 2013 / Self-Released / Waterford) Twitter


3. I Want What’s Best by Outfit (May 2013 / Double Denim Records / Liverpool) Twitter


4. Put a Light On by Generationals (April 2013 / Polyvinyl Records / Louisiana) Twitter


5. Stars by Javelin (March 2013 / Luaka Bop / Brooklyn) Twitter


6. Marijuana by Chrome Sparks (March 2013 / Self-Released / Brooklyn) Twitter


7. Two Prongs by Lion Bark (June 2013 / Self-Released / Brighton) Twitter


8. Pennie Lane by The BB Guns (May 2013 / Marineville Records / Toronto) Twitter


9. Waiting by Alice Boman (May 2013 / Adrian Recordings / Malmö) Facebook


10. Flashed Junk Mind by Milky Chance (April 2013 / Lichtdicht Records / Germany) Facebook


11. Painful Like by Austra (May 2013 / Paper Bag Records / Toronto) Twitter


12. Shout It Out by Mikal Cronin (May 2013 / Merge Records / San Francisco) Twitter


13. Pretty Boy by Young Galaxy (April 2013 / Paper Bag Records / Vancouver) Twitter


14. Thousand Year Old Child by Pure X (May 2013 / Acéphale / Austin) Twitter


15. Emma by Ponctuation (March 2013 / Bonsound / Québec) Bandcamp


16. Demon Dance by Surfer Blood (March 2013 / Warner Bros Records / West Palm Beach) Twitter


17. A Dancing Shell by Wild Nothing (May 2013 / Captured Tracks / Blacksburg) Twitter


18. Bros by Wolf Alice (May 2013 / Chess Club Records / North London) Twitter


19. Dropla by Youth Lagoon (January 2013 / Fat Possum / Boise) Twitter


20. Cut To Black by Lemâitre (April 2013 / Substellar / Olso) Twitter


21. Berlin Lovers by Still Corners (February 2013 / Subpop / London) Twitter


22. Kemosabe by Everything Everything (January 2013 / RCA Victor / Manchester) Twitter


23. Lucky Ones by Wynter Gordon (January 2013 / The Flying Unicorn / Los Angeles) Twitter


24. Varsity by Smith Westerns (March 2013 / Mom+Pop / Chicago) Twitter


25. In A Dream by High Highs (January 2013 / Fine Time / Sydney) Twitter

Music Between Friends and the Terrible Twos

Music Between Friends is two years old now, which means we’re teething, drooling, and causing general mischief with cereal.

In my first post, which was written exactly two years ago, I wrote about Vetiver, Hey Champ, Sleigh Bells, and Sonny and the Sunsets. Even now, I listen to all of those songs and they still feel as fresh as they did then.

It’s strange how some songs grow stale whereas some remain timeless.

I’ve been really busy for the last few months. I took up yoga three times a week. I’ve been running at sunset and dawn. I knitted a scarf (not just a dog-sized one) and I’M GONNA KNIT MORE. I remembered how to tell jokes (I had been doing that thing where you think that you’re a funny person, but then you realize that you’ve been stiff and weird and severe as a widow’s peak with a pole up its butt).

Somehow over the last year, I learned to assert myself. I used to be scared of trying to understand myself and the way my brain works sometimes. I still get scared, but at least I can deal with the fact that I’m shitting bricks, and maybe one day I’ll be productive and learn to build a brickhouse.

I used to think that maybe I wasn’t cool enough, but then I realized that everything I thought was cool wasn’t really cool anymore, and that I’d never be current enough to be a trending topic.

Trying to figure out what’s hip is about as easy as going back in time (an apt metaphor, since all you have to do to predict clothing and music trends is begin traveling backwards, starting with 90’s hip hop and swimming slowly through the eighties and seventies and beyond (keep dreaming steampunk. It’s never gonna happen.)

I used to use music as escapism; I’d put on a good song and it would make me feel less miserable, less manic, less anxious, less disturbed, less jittery. I still use music as a low grade, over-the-counter drug, especially when I’m running that sixth kilometer, or I’m lying in a pile of dirty laundry surrounded by electronic devices and Cheestring wrappers.

I’d like to celebrate two years with an “I’m still here!” moment. I changed cities, I changed jobs, I changed friends, but my music taste has remained consistent. I still like the undefinable, the indefinite, the ambiguous “Indie Music” that brings hordes of deliberately-dressed twenty-somethings into basements soaked with beer and chopped haircuts and thrift store t-shirts, collectively standing but not quite touching because that would involve actually connecting with another human being.

So here’s to two years. This blog is still here. I’m growing up and it’s harder to write short one-off posts. It’s even hard when all of your fan mail comes from musicians trying to get featured. (Really, I just do this for fun! I’m not one of those stay-at-home moms who makes a thousand dollars a week from Google Belly Flab Secret Teeth Whitening)

Happy Birthday.

MP3: BirthdayThe Bird and the Bee