Sasha’s Favourite Albums of 2011 Countdown: #2

# 2 – MetronomyThe English Riviera

Super-catchy, British electronic music.  There is not a song I’m not excited to hear on this album, and I will probably listen to it all day now that I’ve mentioned it.  Metronomy will also be coming to Toronto April 2nd to play the Hoxton.  Check them out.

Metronomy – We Broke Free

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Sasha’s Favourite Albums of 2011 Countdown: #8

# 8 (TIE) Drake – Take Care & Childish Gambino – CAMP

These albums were released on the same day, so I didn’t want them to compete on my list like they did then.  Especially, because I’ve listen to both in unison since I got my hands on them (also the same day). But mostly because I didn’t want to pick a favourite… Technically, if I were to look at the plays in my iTunes, CAMP would win but mostly because I don’t need to play Drake’s album because my sister takes care of that for me (unintentional word play…).  Take Care is collaborative and polished, CAMP on the other hand is kind of angry, unapologetic and sometimes/mostly politically incorrect.  Childish Gambino’s lyrics even make me cringe at times, but I can’t fight the catchiness of the album.  I never went to summer CAMP but I’d start if Donald Glover took me?… just saying. And after going to OVO fest I have a whole new appreciation for Drake and his music so I love both of these albums — check them out if you haven’t already.

Drake Over My Dead Body

SIDENOTE: I tried my best to find an album version of this song (it’s missing the pretty intro but this was the best that I could do), I mostly got people trying to rap over the beat, or the original slowed down— both were equally hilarious to listen to…

Childish Gambino Heartbeat