Indie-licious Tues June 10th 2014


Prisma 1666 – Harald Haraldsson

1. Hackle Scam Populator (Karen Gwyer Remix) – Sculpture
2. Free Food / One Men Striper – Karen Gwyer
3. Downtown – High Ends
4. Before You Ever Talked – Belgian Fog
5. Feel It In My Bones – Blackbird Blackbird
6. Bad Water – Carroll
7. Without a Face – Luluc
8. Cat In The Hallway – Tiny Ruins
9. Jan. 3rd – WHOOP-Szo
10. Neon Visions – SMLH
11. Can’t Do Without You – Caribou
12. Jenni – Thunderhank


Tuesday Grab Bag

First of all, let’s kick things off with a brand new track from Seattle’s Belgian Fog (aka Robert Dale). He knocked my socks off with Loveless Way back in February (I’ve been addicted to that track ever since). His new one Before You Ever Talked is a narrative of misplaced expectations and placing someone on a pedestal (something I’m guilty of doing!) Robert has a stellar voice.

Before You Ever Talked – Belgian Fog (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)


I am in love with this Sculpture remix by Karen Gwyer. Hackle Scam Populator originally appears on the London band’s May 13th release, Membrane Pop (out via Software).

Hackle Scam Populator (Karen Gwyer Remix)Sculpture (Bandcamp | Soundcloud)


Now that I’m talking about Karen Gwyer, this track of hers is rad as hell. She makes such great kaleidoscopic, bizarre electronic songs.

Free Food / One Men Striper – Karen Gwyer (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)


Toronto’s BADBADNOTGOOD are three dearly-loved and critically acclaimed boyz named Matthew Tavares, Chester Hansen, and Alexander Sowinski. Listening to Hedron is like getting a milky spell cast on my eyelids.

Hedron – BADBADNOTGOOD (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)


Downtown by High Ends is the new side project from Kelowna band Yukon Blonde’s Jeffrey Innes. Beautifully simple yet it packs a punch. I read somewhere that he went to go make this record with friends, but nobody was available so he just did it himself. YOU GO, JEFFREY!


Doesn’t Neon Visions by North Carolina’s SMLH sound like the last slow dance at a high school dance, when the balloons are slowly deflating, the streamers are getting stuck to everyone’s feet, and the punch is warm and placid? It might be because SMLH is a real live seventeen year old.

Neon Visions – SMLH (Soundcloud | Bandcamp (free download!))


Skydive by London’s Astronauts. (aka Dan Carney) utilizes the perfect amount of ukelele without sounding twee. A rare feat! Reminds me a bit of Tunng in the most wonderful way.


Going to end this playlist on a really high, fun note with Strange (Mr. Bird remix) by Derbyshire’s Patawawa.

Strange (Mr. Bird Remix) – Patawawa (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)


Alright, that’s it for today’s Grab Bag! Catch you guys later on Indie-licious.

Indie-licious Tues Mar 11th 2014


1. Mossy Grounds – Antimatter People
2. Mr. Fist – MOVIE
3. Sing Sang Sung (AIR Remix) – TOBACCO
4. Distance – Emily King
5. Better At Making Time – De Lux
6. Loveless Way – Belgian Fog
7. Sun Medallion – King Tuff
8. Song For Sue – The Betrayers
9. Made-up Stories – The Beth Edges
10. Coasters Riding in the Air – Pat Thomas
11. Solace – F Y F E
12. Platoon – Jungle
13. Night is a Corner – GANZ
14. Adult Diversion – Alvvays