Indie-licious Tues Sept 10th 2013

1. Let Go (feat. Kele & MNDR) – RAC
2. Play It Right – Sylvan Esso
3. Peach – Emily Reo
4. Good Year – The Danger Bees
5. You Can’t Be My Girl – Darwin Deez
6. Helium Eggs – Incan Abraham
7. Tall Tall Shadow – Basia Bulat
8. Matchstick Murder – Tristen
9. Bayonet – Lost on Purpose
10. Money Maker – Fort York
11. We Are Together – Planet Of Sound
12. Being Loved – The Fadeout
13. Crazy Bird – Wild Child
14. Wolf Girl – Simian Ghost
15. Orchids – Monster Rally


Supercrawl: The 12-hour Music and Arts Festival in Hamilton’s Hippest Neighbourhood

Image via Tourism Hamilton

It may be news to you Toronto residents, but Hamilton has a pretty happenin’ art scene. Of course, by calling it “happenin”, I’ve probably decreased its coolness factor substantially.

Let’s just say that Queen West doesn’t have a monopology on kitschy craft stores, Kensington’s not the only place to score vintage finds, and Trinity-Bellwoods isn’t the only place peppered with quirky, exotic restaurants.

That’s right, Torontonians. Shift your eyes south this weekend to Hamilton’s SUPERCRAWL, a massive street festival on Saturday September 10th, 2011 from 1PM – 1AM on James St. North. The streets will be teeming with hipsters, artists, dancers, and musicians hell-bent on getting rid of Hamilton’s cultural-hellhole image.

Did I mention it’s 100% free of charge? The festival offers free admission to every art exhibit, dance performance, and open-air street concert. The only thing you’ll need are a few bones to procure some food and drink (and maybe a reclaimed-object sculpture or hand-printed calendar).

The music lineup features indie heavweights Broken Social Scene and local heroes Junior Boys. Jeremy Greenspan’s The Brain, hotbed of local kool kids, will host the Beehive Craft Collective, a group of incredibly talented printmakers, textile artists, and artisans.

After a ridiculously virtuosic performance at the What Next? festival earlier this year, Basia Bulat is reuniting with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchastra to play beautiful adaptations from her last album (as transcribed by Owen Pallett). Said The Whale and Young Rival will also be playing full sets earlier in the day.

In case you’re curious, here’s where you can find me at SUPERCRAWL. But feel free to do your own thang and check out the full schedule here.

1PM – 2PM: Haircut at Albert Snow to get the perfect hipster haircut – messy, with a side of indifference. Goes well with vintage doll dress, scuffed leather boots, or anything plaid (Cigarette and sneer not included).

2PM – 3PM: Head to the intersection of James and Main to catch a free bus ride up James Street North courtesy of the HSR. Shuttles will be running all day and into the wee hours of the night.

3PM – 4PM: Check out the art installations of the Beehive Craft Collective at The Brain.

4PM – 5PM: Nod along to the nouveau-grunge of Young Rival at the York-Wilson Stage.

5PM – 7PM: Grab dinner and drinks at Mulberry Cafe, a cafe that serves fair-trade and organic snacks, sandies, coffee, and beer in a too-cool-to-be-true setting that feels like you’re making your boho parents proud. Order the London Fog and a Vegetarian Panini, if they have any left. If not, a Savoury Southwest Muffin will suit my needs quite nicely.

7PM – 8PM: Head back to the York-Wilson Stage for Basia Bulat and the HPO. Try not to cry tears of joy when she strums her first chord on the autoharp.

8PM – 9PM: Join my pal Laurie to watch Said The Whale at the Colbourne Stage.

9PM – 10PM: Head over to Baltimore House on King William Street for a DJ set filtering onto the street to build hype for the Victorian-inspired lounge’s grand opening in the upcoming months.

10PM – 11PM: Shimmy to the Junior Boys at the Colbourne Stage. I’ll be keeping my ears open for Dull To Pause.

11PM – 12AM: Fight bony hipster elbows for a decent view of Broken Social Scene.

Throughout the day, I’ll be walking into the many art galleries on James St. North, hoping to pick up a few quirky prints for my bedroom wall. Maybe you’ll see me there! I’ll be the girl with the messy, indifferent hair.

BBQing with Basia Bulat

So I’m not really sitting next to Basia Bulat, sipping a white wine spritzer and helping her into her Kiss The Cook apron. But as soon as I came home from work tonight – the sun was dipping down, but little rays of sunshine still played on my face through the backyard trees – I gently placed my signed copy of Heart Of My Own into the ancient black boombox peppered with political stickers from the 90s and scraped the ashes out of the barbecue.

MP3: The ShoreBasia Bulat from Heart Of My Own (2010)

Streaks and speckles of black grime coated my hands and flecked my pretty purple dress. As I let the coals tumble back onto the bottom grill and lit the flame, the little blonde hairs on my right hand evaporated in a satisfying woosh.

I sliced open the opaque bag of large frozen shrimp and listened to the satisfying clank as they hit the metal bowl. I crushed a few gloves of garlic, tossed the shrimp with melted butter, and wrapped them lovingly in a robe of aluminum foil. I vigorously chopped a million potatoes and introduced them to a bowlful of happy white onions (I caught them kissing under a drizzle of olive oil and black pepper). I gave them some privacy under the sheets of aluminum and lowered them into the darkness of the barbecue.

Tender shrimpy morsels; soft white potatoes; crisp translucent onions! Summer food is the only food in the whole wide world.

MusicBetweenFriends Presents: Summer In Winter

It’s so cold here in Southern Ontario! Don’t let the Southern part fool you; we can get chilled with the best of them. Music Between Friends proudly presents Summer In Winter, a playlist heavy with surf-rock, spiritual awakening, and grunge.

First up is Wasting Our Time by James Leroy, a funk-punk track with a motowny guitar line and a hyperactive tambourine. After that comes Starfield, by PS I Love You, an anthem for grungy astronauts. Then, Slime by Sleeping Bag headbangy and handclappy. The Calendar by The Dø will completely win you over by oozing its French-Finnish charm. Then, One Day by Sharon Van Etten reminds us of a female version of Girls. We follow it up accordingly with Substance by Girls. After that, Smith Westerns make grungy garage music even cooler with My Heart. Can you handle strong, strange voices? Because here come Kiss Me Like You Mean It by The Magnetic Fields and Graceland by The Tallest Man On Earth. Kurt Vile riffs on some great ideas in I Know I Got Religion. A splash of Deerhunter in Revival ties everything back to the heavy surf-rock theme of this playlist. Little Scream sweetens the pot with Heron and the Fox and Basia Bulat caps it off with Sparrow. Sharon Van Etten pops back in with Love More. Anonymous psychadelic-rockers Unknown Mortal Orchestra strike us dead with drug-addled Thought Ballune. Fans of The National will take pleasure in the sweet, meandering piano line combined with drowsy vocals take us home in Lord Knows by Dirty Beaches.


1. Wasting Our Time – James Leroy
2. Starfield – PS I Love You
3. Slime – Sleeping Bag
4. The Calendar – The Dø
5. One Day – Sharon Van Etten
6. Substance – Girls
7. My Heart – Smith Westerns
8. Kiss Me Like You Mean It – The Magnetic Fields
9. Graceland (Paul Simon Cover) – The Tallest Man On Earth
10. I Know I Got Religion – Kurt Vile
11. Revival – Deerhunter
12. Heron and the Fox – Little Scream
13. Sparrow – Basia Bulat
14. Love More – Sharon Van Etten
15. Thought Ballune – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
16. Lord Knows Best – Dirty Beaches

Lost at Sea Playlist (mp3s)

Hey guys!
It’s been a while since I’ve done a playlist for the blog, so here’s a brand new one called Lost at Sea featuring brand new tracks from Basia Bulat, The New Pornographers, and Stars. Download it!

– Katie