Atlas Sound, Gorillaz’s xx cover, and Art Acoustic

A couple of tracks for you today. First, Green Glass Bottles by Atlas Sound, which starts off while it’s already winding down. Much like a wheezing toy that picks up speed as you twist its mechanisms, Green Glass Bottles finds its way about a minute or so in. It sounds a lot like another track that I’ve heard recently from the CFMU comp cd Everybody Dance Now: Songs from Hamilton Vol. 5, but I’ll have to go grab that to remember the name.

MP3: Green Glass Bottles – Atlas Sound

Next is Crystalized by Gorillaz, a cover of the xx.

MP3: Crystallized (the xx Cover) – Gorillaz

Finally, Lay Your Head by Art Acoustic is a soft, sweet combination of electronic keyboards and acoustic guitars. I can imagine them being picked to wash over the scene of a couple's long-lost reunion on the beach, silent seagulls smashing into each other overhead (they're always silent in movies, for some reason).

MP3: Lay Your Head – Art Acoustic

Well now, since I’m disgustingly late for work, I’m going to jet off and leave you to mull over these tracks!