Indie-licious Tues July 26th 2016


~*~*~Happy birthday to my baby sister, who turns 22 today!~*~*~

This sad boy pop mix is all for you.

1. BEATS – Carl Didur*
2. Bang Chasing – Bobey
3. Comin’ Fulfilled – Casey Burge
4. The Magician – Andy Shauf*
5. Plans – Jerry Paper
6. Shrug – Mouth Breather*
7. Moves In Time – Brave Radar*
8. Wrist (Father cover) – Moss Lime*
9. Moon Woman – Homeshake*
10. Menopause Man – Ariel Pink
11. You’ve Become Skeletal – Jay Holy*
12. Pow Wow – R. Stevie Moore
13. Blow Job – Bruce Haack*



Indie-licious Tues Jan 6th 2015

1. 367 Equalizer – Guerilla Toss
2. Girl Seizure – Last Ex*
3. Spirit School – Slight*
4. Michael – Homeshake*
5. Acid Wash – Panda Bear
6. Earth II – Absolutely Free*
7. April 24, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia – Hazy Montagne Mystique*
8. Liefdefjord – Nick Kuepfer*
9. Half Twain The Jesse – Jessica Pratt
10. Dolphin – Linda Perhacs
11. Certain Kind – Ruth Garbus
12. Unfucktheworld – Angel Olsen
13. Beat the Drum Slowly – Timber Timbre*
14. On Again, Off Again – The High Dials*
15. Put Your Number In My Phone – Ariel Pink


TGIF Playlist: Friday March 7, 2014

Here’s a selection of songs I’ve been listening to this month so far. Hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend!

Thanks to JDove for commenting about this band, really enjoying this Open Assembly Edit.

Can’t deny that I love this remix a million times more than the original.

I’m obsessed with YouTube… I recently started watching the Fun For Louis travel vlogs and a video featured this song, I’m loving it.

I have Katie to thank for these next two songs. I’m such a sucker for good covers, and I’m happy BASECAMP covered this Ace of Base classic so well.

This song has a total zoned out 70s vibe, love it.