New apartment

So here’s what’s been happening lately. My new apartment is adorable but absolutely filthy. I found a fossilized cockroach in the cutlery drawer and the toilet smells like old poo. Please note that this is not a personal attribute which I have bestowed on the apartment – I poop rainbows and fairy dust in the sunlit barn where Taylor Swift was foaled. Obviously. Sometimes I see her clomping around singing into a currycomb while feathering her forelocks.

Since moving in last weekend, I have been up to my eyeballs in a medley of  grime and unsavouries, scraping dirty grout, bleaching sinks, sweeping mouse turdlettes into dustbins, and slopping cracked and mouldy cupboards with a thick layer of paint. Actual sweat has been trickling from my armpits. I am a lady (ladies perspire!!) so this is a new phenomenon for me. Of course, I sweat when I run, but it feels strange to drip like a faucet while simultaneously mopping the floor.

I guess you’ll want to see pictures at this point, so here we go:




The best thing about moving is the feeling that things are about to happen. A fresh slate. A clean break. Here favourite new releases to celebrate a brand new start in the heart of Parkdale. Cheers.