My wise blood tells me secrets


Who are Pittsburgian band Wise Blood? Discuss.

1. Animal Collective, the awkward freshmen, spilling Cheetos on the dance floor of the neighborhood cool kid’s summer party?
2. MGMT twirling in circles and spewing cassette tape?
3. Coconut Records smiling through demented, bloody teeth after doing a half-pipe in the drained pool?

Answer: Maybe they’re all of these things. Maybe they’re just plain amazing.

(Katie, Please see me after class)

It doesn’t matter that I can’t understand a word that Christopher Laufman is saying. Somehow, that makes it even better, because then I can fill in whatever words I want. This song is an acid-green slushie spilled on the sidewalk, it’s smushed pink bubblegum on a summer school desk, it’s a broken plastic scooter, it’s a Carnie ride paid for with a three dollar pink ticket. It’s whatever I want it to be, and it’s mine.

MP3: Rot My Brain AwayWise Blood
I’m a strange tiger in a stranger jungle.

File this one under Catchy Glitch Drugjams, Penelope.

Birthdays pulls an Animal Collective with “Biggie-Shorty”

In keeping with my goal to post every day for the next week, here’s another song. This one’s more in the vein of Animal Collective, with its hectic, messy, experimental style and drawling, painful voicings (good pain though; like scratching an itch).

Birthdays is the project of Boston-based Samuel Yager and his pal Kevin. [On Facebook, Yager likes all of the music that I like, so it’s no surprise that I like his track Biggie-shorty]. Birthdays have a bunch of concerts lined up in along the Californian coast but so far the allure of chilly Canada hasn’t popped into their heads quite yet. So I’ll be content to admire from afar for now, as I do with Fol Chen.

MP3: Biggie-shorty – Birthdays

Fun Fact: Biggie Shorty was the name of Wanda Sykes’ character in Pootie Tang. Three cheers for the internet for always keeping me informed.

If Animal Collective had a girl singer…

On my first listen of this song, I immediately though, wow, this is exactly what Animal Collective would sound like with female vocals. Fever Ray is the solo project of Karin Dreijer Andersson, lead singer of Swede electro duo The Knife. To me, it sounds incredibly creepy and awesome.

MP3: Here Before – Fever Ray

Therefore, in true Animal Collective style: