Album Stream: Arcade Fire’s Reflektor

I love that they released this early and I also love that they put it out on youtube.   1) because it shows that they know what’s up, at least for me, because I love to stream full albums off youtube before deciding to buy them– it saves me from downloading and clogging up my hard drive and 2) because it lets me embed the video on the site!! Win-win.

For all of you that have been anticipating this album:

Album Stream: Franz Ferdinand, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action


I was just blogging about album teasers, but Franz Ferdinand took it all the way with a full album stream (me right now…).

Head to NPR to listen to Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.  I’m already liking it and it’s has an awesome cover and title – not that that makes or breaks an album, but it doesn’t hurt.  Franz Ferdinand puts out great singles (No You Girls, Take me Out, Ulysses etc.) but I think they are one of those bands that does an entire album well that you actually want to play all the way though so I’m looking forward to jamming to this at work.