New Music: Brandon Munro’s Armgods


Something warped is in the Peterborough water. I say this with the deep affection of someone whose family tree’s roots have been slurping the groundwater for 80 years.

Brandon Munro’s delicately wonky wanderings on Armgods were written in February for the RPM Challenge (10 songs or 35 minutes in 28 days). With looped & detuned electric guitar lines, relaxed toms, and slightly hoarse, removed vocals, this is a solid bedroom pop album just begging for an electronic remix.

Relaxing, unpretentious, and easy, Armgods reminds me of a nursery mobile spinning with bent plastic arms, drooping so low into the cradle that the pilled, dangling zoo animals graze the mattress with every rotation.

Best Tracks: Newsno, NightHome, and BED.

New Music: Castle If’s Plant Material


Plant Material is Toronto experimental electronic musician Jess Forrest‘s 7-track love letter to her apartment’s large-n-luscious house plant collection. The album idea sparked after legendary taper/music curator Joe Strutt asked her to play his Music Gallery show, EMERGENTS IIIJoe told Jess to play, “anything she wanted,” and the concept was born.

Castle If’s previous releases are messages received and decoded from the endless drone of deep space—colourful Moog Lil’ Phatty nebulas flanked by milky way Oberheim oscillations, all dubbed to deliberately hissy tape. With Plant Material, Jess returns to earth—or more precisely, she reaches her hands down into the mossy loam of her plant pots, scoops up mineral-rich handfuls, and watches the dark grains of soil tumble back down onto the glossy leaves.

With delicately rendered cover art by painter Anna May Henry, file this release firmly in the card catalogue under library music; urban tropicalia, creature comforts.

Best Tracks: Sedum Morganianum, The Grass Is Greener, and Sansevieria Trifasciata.

Castle If Bandcamp

house plant


1. Illuminated – Arto Lindsay
2. Summer’s Cauldron – XTC
3. Flamingo – Fruit Bats
4. If I’ve Died On You – Karl Blau
5. You You You You You – The 6ths and Katharine Whalen
6. Pense à moi – France Gall
7. Geschichten aus erster Hand – Klaus Johann Grobe
8. Outer Space – John Grant
9. Flakes – Vesuvio Solo
10. Synthesize Me – The Space Lady
11. Creator, Destroyer – Angel Olsen
12. I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts – X
13. 100 – Dean Blunt
14. Only a Shadow – The Cleaners From Venus
15. No Side to Fall In – The Raincoats
16. Bills – Ultimate Painting
17. Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart – Ty Segall
18. Cycles of Existential Rhyme – Chicano Batman
19. Sunday Morning – Margo Guryan



april showers


1. Up In Hudson – Dirty Projectors
2. Don’t Wanna Be European – Bernice*
3. Junie – Solange
4. E.V.P. – Dev Hynes
5. To Move On – Alex Izenberg
6. How Much Shall We Bet? – L CON*
7. Secret Garden ft. Merival – Izzard*
8. A Burning Hill – Mitski
9. Inspired by the One I Love – The Frank Horvat Band*
10. Suddenly feat. Weyes Blood – Drugdealer
11. Not Gonna Kill You – Angel Olsen
12. Forever Heavy – Black Moth Super Rainbow
13. Cruel As The Grave – Tenderness*
14. This Trip – Petra Glynt*
15. Slow D’s – Lully
16. Knock That Door – Enon



dream erasure

100% Canadian weirdos. Ambient, stark drone, and teeth-on-edge experimental noise.

1. I – Clara Engel
2. Dysnomia – Mooons
3. PL10A – Tresilaze
4. Fifth Transcombobulation – Mike Smith & Jonathan Adjemian
5. Far Out – Phillipe Lauzier