Indie-licious on 93.3 CFMU


Indie-licious is a weekly radio broadcast & podcast featuring experimental & alternative music from Canada and around the world. Broadcasting on 93.3 CFMU in Hamilton since 2009, Indie-licious is hosted and produced by Katie Jensen in Toronto, Ontario.

Listen live on 93.3 CFMU every Tuesday from 5-6pm.

Download or stream past episodes on  iTunes

The last aired show:

Heard a track and can’t remember the name?  Check out track listings.

Stream multiple mixes on Mixcloud. Listen on Stitcher, if you want.

This is the show’s Facebook page. It is like a pet’s Facebook page, except twice as neglected.

2 thoughts on “Indie-licious on 93.3 CFMU

  1. Thanks for the last two mixes. Love me those silicon teens!
    I would have sent an e-mail but it looks reserved for concerned artists, not fanboys.

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