#MusicVideoMonday – Toronto’s Young Doctors in Love with “10:35”

Sometimes I go overboard with experimental noise and need something fun to listen to while making brunch (it’s Family day, ya’ll!) Toronto indiepop band Young Doctors In Love just released a new video for 10:35 off their upcoming album, World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band, due out in April.

The video, which was put together by Toronto filmmaker Grief, uses public-domain clips from 30s and 40s films taken from http://www.archive.org.

Young Doctors In Love Website | Facebook | Twitter

Long Winter Year 2, Vol. 4 – Friday Feb 7th @ The Great Hall


Continuing with my newfound obsession with Toronto’s underground art scene, I present to you The Long Winter Year Two, Volume Four (7pm, All Ages, PWYC).

Basically everyone I know is going to The Great Hall on Friday for The Long Winter, an ongoing concert series featuring local bands, visual & performance art, Balkan food & donuts, and a bizarre public matchmaking display.

The first 350 people through the doors will receive a LONG WINTER SPLIT 7″ SERIES featuring Teenanger and HSY (thanks, Scion Sessions!)

Facebook RSVP

Still wondering why you should go and whether this rad event is worth your precious time? Check out this video recap of Long Winter Year Two, Volume Two, which took place in December. Now cross your eyes and watch it again to simulate what you’ll be going to on Friday night.

Here are some tracks by the bands that will be playing.

YOU SHOULD COME. Duh. (See mom, I really am good at arguing!)

See you then!


Feast In The East #34 – Holiday Rambler, Clara Engel, & Moonwood (Gerrard Art Space) 8pm


Feast In The East is a monthly concert series featuring underground artists, performance art, and delicious vegan/gluten-free dinner for the low price of $8 (advance) / $10 (door). Basically the trifecta of happiness right there.

Last month, I went to Gerrard Art Space last month to see Mimico and had a blast – so much so that I reached out to get involved in putting it on. Last Sunday, I spent five hours battling the elements by bike, postering Ossington, Queen West, Dundas, College, and Bloor in all yer favourite record stores and coffeehouses.

This month’s meal is vegan/gluten-free mac & cheese by Harmonie Ainsley & Mary Duthie. Yum yum! The show is all ages and ends early (8pm – 11pm) so there’s still plenty of time to head back to Handlebar, Get Well, or 3 Speed.

Holiday Rambler is the solo project of Hooded Fang drummer D. Alex Meeks. Akin to the dark, warped folk of Timber Timbre, his music trembles between themes of religion and isolation.

Clara Engel is a singer-songwriter dipping into folk territory. Her voice is a pillar of strength that solidifies it all.

Moonwood make playfully fuzzy electronic kraut rock. I can already tell that I’m going to dance to this.

$8 Adv tickets available Circus Books & Music, The Film Buff, Cask Music, Soundscapes and Grasshopper Records. $10 at the door

Art by Henri Faberg – Environs 

“Musician, filmmaker and jaded aristocrat ~ is leaving town for Europe in March and is terrified that people there might not like him. He’s not even sure he likes himself. Visit him in a calm and safe little space for a one-on-one chat, to trade secrets in confidence and new ways of seeing one’s self for the coming year.”

Basically, there’s going to be a booth set up where people can try to convince this guy that he’s a decent, likeable human. Gosh, art is fun.

See you there! Facebook RSVP

Tonight – Wavelength Class of 2014: Fresh Snow, MASS, Del Bel, Anamai

Looking for something to do tonight? Check out Wavelength & NeXT’s Class of 2014: A New Indie Rock Honour Roll (Pt.1) at Silver Dollar Room.  Doors are at 9pm, show is 19+, and tickets are $6. Psychedelic visuals by General Chaos and DJ Debt Load will be bookending the sets.

Fresh Snow are a critically-acclaimed Toronto band comprised of staff who work at Sonic Boom. Instrumental, expansive, space-filling, reflective. Twitter | Facebook

MASS are a post-punk/grunge band that I’m a little less crazy about, probably because I missed out on having an apathetic teenage experience and went from idiotic, immature child to idiotic, immature adult. But they might be up your alley.

Del Bel makes clustered, echoing 1930’s jazz partially inspired by old horror movies. Twitter | Facebook  For extra credit, check out this wicked rework of No Reservation (originally appearing on oneiric, 2011) done by DJ Live Action Fezz

Anamai (aka Anna Mayberry) makes beautiful, swirling, girlish folk-rock reminiscent of Little Scream. Facebook

Be cool & Facebook RSVP.

Wavelength Twitter | Facebook | Website

Quirky songwriting from Mimi Oz @ Cameron House – Fri Jan 10th @ 8pm


There’s a lot going on with Mimi Oz’s music. Never simplistic or reductive, her music is a fluid thing, twisting around on its own treacle-thick bassline and slithery vocals. Sometimes jazzy, sometimes latin, often experimental, definitely not basic.

My favourite tracks on her debut album Three of Swords (released April 1st 2013) are Goodbye Heartbeat, in which her voice warps to Bjorkian heights and Mister Together, a jazzy piano ballad dripping with emotion.

RSVP on Facebook to her upcoming concert at Cameron House and be sure to check out this babe, since she’s traveled from Brooklyn just to serenade us.

Website | Twitter | Bandcamp