Indie-licious Tues June 21st 2016

I took advantage of the 1080p Birthday Sale and now I’m swimming in a glitchy soup of weird electronic music. Tell me this isn’t what you’re craving right now.

1. Summer In The City – Beat Detectives
2. Novodene – Tlaotlon
3. Squiggles – Karmelloz
4. Now I’m In Love – LNRDCROY*
5. The Colours Of Life – CFCF*



Brave Radar + loom + Blunt Chunks @ Handlebar


Hey guys!

I’m running this show tonight at Handlebar (159 Augusta Ave) and if you’re hanging out the Market on this breezy, sun-soaked day, swing by. I’m doing some installation work and DJing.

Brave Radar just released a brand new album Lion Head, which you can read about on Culture Addicts. They also wrote 6 tips on running your own DIY record for Aux.

Brave Radar (Montreal)
Visiting aliens quietly turning pages in a library. Minimal no-wave guitars and soft introverted vocals warm the skin like dust-filtered sunbeams on kitchen tile. Listen through the walls.

WOW~~ this is from the new record!

loom (Toronto)
Devotional pop, nourishing and graceful. Come thirsty, leave quenched.

Blunt Chunks (Toronto)
Bathe in the healing waters of the deep harmonic spectrum. Looped, celestial vocal tones and sparse guitar melodies create a dense sonic layered cake for devotions and devouring. Renew your sense of self.

Doors 9pm

come explore sweetness / harshness, pleasantness / unpleasantness, acceptability / unacceptability

stay late and sleep in ((holiday weekend))

Indie-licious Tues Apr 26th 2016


1. Aivojen pimeydessä – Tsembla
2. Day Ruiner – Group Rhoda
3. Pyramids On Mars – DOOMSQUAD*
4. Water World – Sam Spence
5. From the Dead – Shintaro Sakamoto
6. Reactor (Mikey Remix) – NOTS
7. Liberal Christian Youth Ministry – Dustin Wong
8. virginal II – Tim Hecker*
9. Silver – Running In The Fog
10. Z. – CUMMI FLU
11. Storing The Winter – Mind Over Mirrors
12. Sky Trail – Date Palms
13. Raga – Ken Camden



Indie-licious Tues Apr 5th 2016


Bag Study by Daniel Shipp

Disco dummy.

1. Droplets – Gemini Wolf
2. Varvara (Bjorn Torske Remix) – Crimea X
3. Kor – Plevna
4. Par Hasard – Mikado De Paris
5. Soft Space – The Soft Machine
6. Nightcrawler – Patrick Cowley
7. What I Need – Cindy Lee*
8. Genocide – Dickens
9. Sororal Feelings – U.S. Girls*
10. Slowdance – Matthew Dear
11. Oslo in August – Franklin
12. The Rise And Fall Of Zirkon – Steve Gray
13. Not So Deep As A Well – Myriam Gendron*