Indefinite Hiatus


For the last three years, I’ve been making podcasts for a living. I’m really lucky to get paid to do what I love. But because I’m so busy, it makes it hard to keep music blogging and curating a weekly radio show, especially as music blogs are dying around me. Blog culture is over. Streaming seems to be in a perilous state. I’m not sure what comes next for the Canadian music industry, but it doesn’t seem like blogs are going to make a comeback anytime soon.

In 2011, I began podcasting because I wanted to keep doing my CFMU weekly music show remotely. I’ve been doing that show since 2009 – it was the longest relationship of my adult life.

Two weeks ago, I decided to take a 4-month hiatus so I can focus on my work podcast projects.

Podcasts I’m working on:

  1. The Secret Life of Canada (currently ranking #2 in the country!) a brand new history podcast about the undertold stories of Canadian history
  2. Polaris Music Prize which explores the artists & stories behind Canada’s most interesting music prize
  3. Safe Space with journalists Vicky Mochama (Toronto Star, Metro) & Ishmael Daro (Buzzfeed), starting season 2, which debuts next week

I’m not sure when (if) I’ll be back. In the meantime, you can listen to past episodes of Indie-licious (there are something like 300 of them out there) here on the blog, or on iTunes.

But what about fun stuff?

After 8 years, I’m exploring new musical projects. My band Baby Cages will be releasing a new album soon. You can keep updated on Facebook. I’m really excited for this release because I get to play a ton of different instruments on it and flex my krautrock and psychedelic sensibilities.

My bi-monthly food/music/art series Feast In The East will continue to showcase amazing DIY musicians, artists, and up-and-coming chefs. Feast In The East #64 will feature Petra Glynt, Zacht Automaat, FET.NAT, and Joanne Pollock with art by Vanessa Rieger and food by Brendan Lehman and Josiah Tsang. Here’s the Facebook event. You can check out our Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram for news & updates.

Last year, we put out a huge cookbook/art book/cassette compilation. You can buy or stream it and help support our work. It was a huge labour of love – we made the cookbook bindings by hand with the help of a few friends. Here’s a sampler:

Sometimes it can be hard to part with projects you’ve been working on for so long. But for now, I’m really excited to be given the chance to do all this wonderful work. I’m grateful for everything.

Long live DIY.

Long live Canadian music.

Keep in touch on Twitter @katiejensen

your pal in music,


I am woman, hear me .rar

1. Sane – Fear Of Men
2. Female Vampire – Jenny Hval
3. Companion – Braids*
4. Katie I Know – Marissa Nadler
5. Sister – Angel Olsen
6. Pool Party – Julia Jacklin
7. In A Day – Pale Dīan
8. The Weatherman – Denial
9. Spalt – Shampoo Boy
10. Restore & Slip – Mind Over Mirrors
11. La Mamma – Jelly Bouche
12. Ama Yes Uzume – Georgia




every day is a gift card


It takes a lot to get out of bed. Lift the sheets, fold them back, expose the skin. Step into the shower, icy at first, then scalding. Slip a little on the residue of conditioner but catch yourself on the window ledge with the chipping paint. Put on clothes that are appropriate for the season. Brush your teeth without your finger. Emerge triumphant from you apartment. You have conquered another day. You are alive.

1. Kowboy – The Cosmic Range*
2. After – Trevor Turple*
3. Hemiptera – SP3CT3RS*
4. First Farewell – An Ant And An Atom & Phisting Ass*
5. Containment – Zachary Gray*
6. Tierra Santa Con Montaña Rusa – Nick Kuepfer*
7. La pluie – La Fête*
8. Design of Success – Freak Heat Waves*
9. A2. All Black Fax (Telecom Caviar) – Eccinaccea*


Listen: Blunt Chunks + Julianna Barwick @ The Tranzac Sept 17th 2016


Poster by the inimitable Julia Dickens.

Here’s a gorgeous 1-hour excerpt of Blunt Chunks & Julianna Barwick at Tranzac Club on Sept 17th. Moody, hypnotic, looped dreams.


Presented by Burn Down The Capital

Brooklyn vocalist and ambient electronic experimenter Julianna Barwick arrives in Toronto on the heels of her 3rd album “Will”. Barwick’s vocals are all encompassing, moving with the ease of a mesmerizing fog. Electronics whisper and flush, as her voice creeps around ever aural cavern. Almost merging with her flowering ambient structures, but always remaining an elusive presence. Don’t sleep on what is sure to be a powerful & moving performance.

Spacey vocals & electronics swirl around you like a settling mist. Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien’s voice soars & sways with multiples of itself, filling empty space like a it’s a cavernous church. Forlorn guitar notes shake in the cold night, glistening in the moon light. Music to keep close to your heart.

Indie-licious Tues Aug 9th 2016


Italo lounge with a splash of high intensity murder. Obscure soundtracks from 70s grindhouse flops.

1. I lunghi giorni dell’odio, pt.15 – Amedeo Tommasi
2. Un posto per un addio – Originale 2 – Piero Umiliani
3. Burning Grass – Don Gere
4. Tamoure nella sera – Piero Piccioni
5. Beat Song – Giorgio Gaslini
6. Interrabang – Pisano/Dell’Orso
7. Stories – Chakachas
8. Ultima Caccia – Giuliano Sorgini
9. Hombres del Mar – Part 2 – Gianfranco Plenizio
10. Diamonds – Part 1 – Gianfranco Plenizio
11. Smoke Gets In Your Head – Claudio Tallino
12. Music from Apocalypse Domani – Alexander Blonksteiner
13. Nuns Sequence – Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, Armando Trovajoli
14. Sequoia – Alessandro Brugnolini, Luigi Malatesta
15. I giorni dell’ira, pt.6 – Riz Ortolani
16. Brutti sporchi e cattivi – Armando Trovajoli
17. Le cerbiatte – Stelvio Cipriani
18. Lollipop – Franco Altissimi
19. Intimità – Alessandro Alessandroni