Listen: Blunt Chunks + Julianna Barwick @ The Tranzac Sept 17th 2016


Poster by the inimitable Julia Dickens.

Here’s a gorgeous 1-hour excerpt of Blunt Chunks & Julianna Barwick at Tranzac Club on Sept 17th. Moody, hypnotic, looped dreams.


Presented by Burn Down The Capital

Brooklyn vocalist and ambient electronic experimenter Julianna Barwick arrives in Toronto on the heels of her 3rd album “Will”. Barwick’s vocals are all encompassing, moving with the ease of a mesmerizing fog. Electronics whisper and flush, as her voice creeps around ever aural cavern. Almost merging with her flowering ambient structures, but always remaining an elusive presence. Don’t sleep on what is sure to be a powerful & moving performance.

Spacey vocals & electronics swirl around you like a settling mist. Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien’s voice soars & sways with multiples of itself, filling empty space like a it’s a cavernous church. Forlorn guitar notes shake in the cold night, glistening in the moon light. Music to keep close to your heart.

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