Scroll Downers, Worst Gift, Bile Sister @ Double Double Land


This weather is real sticky. Hot ‘n’ Ready. It calls for some heavy, shoegazy psych, rankled punk, and face-scrunching electronics, obviously.

Tonight, Baltimore’s Scroll Downers collides with Toronto’s Worst Gift and Bile Sister at Double Double Land (presented by my personal Becky with the good hair, Tad Michalak). Here’s what Tad has to say about the show:

Scroll Downers

New wasted psych project from Baltimore jammers Lexie Mountain and Dope Body members Zachary Utz and David Jacober. Lexie’s powerful vocals cut through caustic drums & wailing walls of guitar distortion. Her uncanny sense of when to hod back & when to let the gnar rip is in fine form here. Blasted out noise guitar chords live somewhere between the weight of sludge and the screeching engery of blistering psychadelia. Everything is lain to waste, sounding like some dessimated version of Jefferson Airplane.

Worst Gift

Toronto weird punk trio create angular structures, full of a choatic energy, pulling influence from sludge metal, post hardcore and math rock, but with an added playful foreboding. These junk rockers rip through punk jams with true fury, hollering group vocals and endless wandering distortion. Split speed rhythms slow down to a grind under crushing heaviness, only to be reborn as jagged notes bouncing or each other. Percussion shreds, shit gets real.

Bile Sister

Julie Riech & David Jones’ mix pounding electronics, industrial textures, & warped synthesizers to produce dissonant anthems. Julie’s vocals ripple across tense yet monotonous rhythms. Synth tones crackle & glitch underneath static encased drum machine samples. Amidst the oppressive marches pop sensibilities ooze through, electonics sound like huge plastic bubbles being dribbled like they’re in Space Jam.



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