Indie-licious Tues Jan 19th 2016


Psych folk magic, new and old.

1. Wolf Like Howls From The Bathhouse (South East Land Otter Champs) – Sonny Smith
2. Lady Rachel – Kevin Ayers
3. Blues Run The Game – Jackson C. Frank
4. Goodbye England (Covered In Snow) – Laura Marling
5. When I Die – Edith Perrin
6. Ritual of Death – FAR* (project of Liz McArthur of Cosy Father*)
7. Leda – Linda Cohen
8. Chimacum Rain – Linda Perhacs
9. Spring – Shaun Weadick*
10. What the Sun Said – John Fahey
11. Blackwaterside – Anne Briggs
12. Rising of the Moon – Tia Blake
13. Song of Perfect Propriety – Myriam Gendron*
14. Never Wanted To Be – Sumie
15. There Are Eyes Above – Josephine Foster
16. In My Youth – Aidan Coughlan


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