Indie-licious Tues Oct 27th 2015



1. Martin – Houtitoutah*
2. Cue Sycophants – Other Families*
3. A Pig Who Feeds – Guerilla Toss
4. Putty Boy Strut | Flying Lotus – Haolin Munk*
5. HABERDASH – Phèdre*
6. Sportsmen – Haruomi Hosono
7. Banana Split – Lio
9. Morning Birds – The Walls are Blonde*
10. Holyman – Whitney K*
11. the new fallen snow that covers everything – shaun weadick*
12. The Grass Harp – Tasseomancy*
13. Why Must I – Blunt Chunks*
14. I Count Tears – The Walls are Blonde*
15. Centralia – Holiday Rambler*
16. I’m Worried, I’m Worried – Michael Hurley
17. Threnody – Myriam Gendron*
18. I Pity the Country – William Dunn
19. Wine and Roses – John Fahey


3 thoughts on “Indie-licious Tues Oct 27th 2015

  1. Hey Katie! Really dug this playlist, feels very…Autumnal. Also good choice of “Wine and Roses” as the closer. I’ve been listening to tonnes of Fahey lately. His album “America”, specifically the track “Jesus Is A Dying Bedmaker” gives me such frission. Just curious, what are your favourite releases of 2015 so far?

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