Pizza Party for One

I came home from work starving and realized that I have no food (typical). But since it’s Canada day, none of the grocery stores are open. So I ordered a pizza online and while I’m waiting to pick it up, here’s some music.

Simon, the founder of Tempel Arts, just sent me this beautiful album in the mail. Madrid’s Al Berkowitz originally wrote You And I back in 2013, but it was recently re-released on Tempel Arts. Their second LP is filled with effortless instrumental baroque pop. Light fingerpicking, long cello strokes, vocals reminiscent of Junip, and jangly piano mix in a carefully constructed, soft-spoken way.

Speaking of melted sounds, I’m quite fond of Intro by Brazilian band Peixefante from their debut EP Lorde Pascal. Cruzada Moderna feels like stirring from a hazy, sunblinded beach nap to see a lost lover drawn into the foaming, crashing waves.

UV Rays is a psych pop band from Brooklyn and their EP Brothers comes out tomorrow. Defer All Your Dreams To Me sounds like a song that was put through a tumble dryer.

Montreal’s Pee Wee is the lo-fi art rock of Julien Chaballe. He just released Tingles last week, and it’s shifting, restless, and warm.

Denton’s Blessin’ just released a brand new EP called GO and I am predicting a lot of repeat listens this summer. The chord changes in Pookie’s Dog are insanely unpredictable.

have a gr8 day!

Canada-bless friends

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