Rebecca’s Room (New Waterford, Nova Scotia)

Rebecca’s Room is a project from New Waterford, Nova Scotia (kind of close to Sydney) by Andrew Gillis and Blaine Mills with additional ladyvocals from Rebecca Ratchford & cutie anon. mothbits, plus Blair Lucas from Walrus and Glen Bourgeois.

They are simply a treat – lo-fi, dreamy, lazy bedroom pop that feels just like dipping your fingers into a cold summer lake and swirling them around.

Rights Of Spring is a righteous summer jam. #1 primo stuff, guaranteed. Straight up proof that double-layering the exact same melody between male-female vocalists is a tried-n-true pop hook.

See you there is also a deelite. Super playful, simple, with some interesting, vaguely alarming feedback that loops around in the end.

I bet you’re hooked now, right? Excellent kick drum in Juxtaposed – the whole beat just screams with a closed mouth.

One more, for the boys. That’s you starts with a suspended chord that immediately resolves into perfection. This is the kind of song you put on in the late afternoon, when the sun is just peeking through the curtains and bathing everything in canary gold.

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