✻ Magic Spring Mix ✾ for Sasha & Erin ❁

salad mix

A few weeks ago, Music Between Friends celebrated (or rather, ignored) our fifth birthday. In my experience, most small-time blogs wither and die after the 5-7 year mark. In our case, it’s really just been a cocktail of perky stubbornness and misty-eyed optimism that’s been keeping us going through the years. I have a dream for the future, though. Starting this summer, I’ve decided to start booking experimental & alternative shows in Toronto. Rather than passively observing the live music scene, I’ve decided it might be more fun to start booking shows for bands who may be less likely to get booked in the current Toronto climate – not because they are any less valuable, talented, inventive, weird, ect. – but perhaps they haven’t broken into the small & supportive (dare I say sheltered?) scene. Perhaps these bands feel like “outsiders” within a community of outsiders. And obviously, the main reason is because I’ve been itching to see certain bands perform, and this is the easiest and most rewarding way to make that happen. If you’re a local or touring weirdo making music, drop me a line at musicbtwfriends@gmail.com.

It’s been a quiet year here. For the last eight months I’ve been in school “studying” radio broadcasting at a college that doesn’t even deserve to be named here. Sasha started an amazingly wholesome healthy living blog Kicking It Whole School with our lovely friend (and soul-sister) Erin. Seriously, check out their Instagram, it’s goddamned aspirational. Sasha and Erin are truly rad women, and I am so excited for them to begin this project and can’t wait to see where it goes. If you want the scoop and feel like being a creep on two gorgeous women, check out their cute Liebster Award post from March.

You wouldn’t believe the sheer volume of junky marketing & PR emails we get on a daily basis. It’s reaching 30 per day at this point, and only 10% are actually from Canadian bands. I have given up trying to be everything to everyone, and just because someone’s found us on Hypemachine doesn’t mean we’re that kind of blog. We’ll never be an Earmilk, or a Gorilla VS. Bear. We’re just a small, two-person (sometimes one-person) Canadian music blog, and that’s perfectly fine by me.

Here’s what I’m trying to get at. While performing our deep email cleanse, I’ve earmarked some things for Sasha & Erin, so here they are, tossed into a delicious MAGIC SPRING MIX.

Lots of love for Tokyo’s Boys Age and their album Forbidden Summer.

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I’ve played Montreal’s James Irwin on Indie-licious before, and I enjoy how mellow and slow-paced this track is. It’s from his new album Unreal, and he’ll be playing in Toronto on June 19 at Handlebar for NXNE (favourite bar!).

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Toronto’s Collette Andrea plucks gentle, soft folk out of one of the dirtiest, loudest cities in Canada. Good on ya, girl!


More folk, this time from Holiday Oscar.


I’m looking forward to Newcastle’s Jake Houlsby’s (previously Suntrapp) new EP, Yannina, which is coming out on June 8th.

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Sweet, right? Baltimore’s Reindeer make hazy bedroom pop and this one’s from You Look Smashing EP, released in January.

Bandcamp | Tumblr

Montreal’s Fleece swirl psychedelia and 90s grunge into a low-key but utterly catchy track. This one’s from Scavenger, released in January.


I didn’t immediately fall under their spell, but after a few listens, I’ve been charmed by Toronto’s Doldrums. This one comes from their April 7th release, The Air Conditioned Nightmare. It sounds a bit like Thom Yorke trapped in a laser rave.

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There’s just something utterly 90s-infectious about this track from New York’s Kopps. It’s silly, but then again, isn’t all pop music?

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Love this track from Toronto’s B É N É D i C T E – it’s lucious, sensual, and playful. Just wait until it picks up, and you’ll see what I mean.

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They hooked me. They hooked me good. Oakland eco-pop Trails and Ways alternate between synth and dreampop with ease.

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Philly’s Frontyards dropped this choice album People That Look Like Their Pets, back in March and I highly recommend checking it out. It’s gr8.


Halifax’s Harley Alexander have just released some new stuff, and it’s a lot more full-bodied. If ya love dad-jamz, this is the track for you.

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Oh boy, this new album from Montreal via Victoria’s The Backhomes is just perfect. Gritty psych that pushes forward. It just came out 6 days ago, and you should listen to the whole damn thing.

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And that’s all for now.

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