Cutting Loose Compilation (1978) – TeeVee Records

Got this $1 album yesterday from Value Village (as my boyfriend says, “Value Village: It’s a must!). Check out that cover! Legs for daaaaaays. TeeVee Records (!!!!) was a Canadian label that churned out comps and best of albums in the late 70s. This particular gem features some of my favourite lamestream disco tunes, which I will now share-slash-force upon you. (Ignore the fact that I desperately need a bang trim, as usual).

Photo on 2015-04-23 at 6.58 PM #2

Photo on 2015-04-23 at 6.57 PM #2

Not gonna lie, I know all the words to this track because of Destiny’s Child.

And although these two beauties aren’t on the album, they’re the perfect Friday night jams. Moroder and Donna Summer are a match made in heaven. I’m probably responsible for 100,000 of the plays on these tracks.

I’m thinking about watching Saturday Night Fever tonight, because I’m interested in movies that accurately pinpoint the collapse of a subculture as it enters the mainstream. For example, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, (500) Days of Summer, Garden State marked the death of soft bedroom indie rock of Death Cab, Stars, and Shins; Party Monster marked the death of club kids; and so forth.

I watched The Last Days of Disco last year, which is really slow and boring (I’m not a Whit Stillman fan), so I think the next step is to watch Roller Boogie, Xanadu, and Skatetown USA (if you do a Google search, the short summary reads, “A street-gang leader challenges a handsome young skater in a championship contest at the local roller-disco rink.” HOW IS THAT NOT A WINNER?

I’m so tempted to frame this album…

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