#ThrowbackThursday Music Edition

I feel like anything that isn’t posted immediately after it’s released (or leaked) in “indie” music is considered a throwback (hipsters can be pretty fickle) but I was taking a trip down my iTunes memory lane yesterday and wanted to put a post together of some of my favourite music that isn’t brand new, but I still love. Hope you enjoy it too.

We’re Going to be FriendsThe White Stripes (2002)

  • This song is the sweetest, I’ll never get sick of it.

Dig for FirePixies (1990)

  • If you ever need a reminder to persevere and follow your gut/dream, this would be a good song to play, it isn’t very long but the lyrics get me every time.

GhettoMusick – Outkast (2004)

  • A big highlight of my summer was watching Outkast live at OVO Fest. It was hit after hit after hit and I just feel lucky that I didn’t sell my first day ticket (I almost did :S). They were amazing and being in a crowd full of people who are having fun, dancing and shout-singing the same songs is something I’ll remember for a long time.

NYCInterpol (2002)

  • The fact that this song is 12 years old, blows my mind. I still remember the moment I heard NYC in high school, does that make me sound old. I dreamed of going to New York, and when I finally did– the city lived up to the idea the song put in my mind.

Canada vs. AmericaBroken Social Scene (2005)

  • I can’t say that this is my favourite Broken Social Scene song, but it always ends up on my playlists, so it’s definitely up there. It’s so fun to listen to and I’m such a sucker for the horns/all the other instruments in this song. Watching it live is taking it to another level, makes me happy just thinking about it.

That’s all, if I notice people loving the throwback maybe we will do more of these? Feel free to leave a comment with your favourite song below :)

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