Songs that Talk to Each Other: Blue Jay Way vs. I Won’t Be Long

I like to nerd out and play Beck’s I Won’t Be Long  after The Beatles, Blue Jay Way (probably one of my top 10 Beatles songs) because I feel like they talk to each other (if songs could do that…) and I thought I was pretty cool for pairing the two, then I went to write this post, did a little Googling and found out plenty of other people made the same reference, but: 

I’ve been in a posting funk, and I still want to share it. Plus, through my internet research, I took a genuine look at the single artwork for I Won’t Be Long, and guess what I found, Paul and, what looks like Ringo hanging out (see here). I don’t buy singles because my ‘ballin’ on a budget’ lifestyle just can’t support that type of spending, so I wouldn’t have clued in otherwise #learningthings.

Now for the actually music:

  • It’s too difficult to find a good streaming version of the Beatles original (this post is just falling apart…), so I used a version from the Across the Universe movie way back when, I’d recommend listening to the original, either in the album or CD format (YouTube videos just aren’t the same), but you get the gist.


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