Music Video Monday: The Almighty Rhombus’s She Didn’t Want Me

A long time ago, way back in Winter 2013, Sudbury goof-pop outfit The Almighty Rhombus sent us their home video for She Didn’t Want Me (off The Almighty Rhombus EP, March 1st 2013 available here). 

I asked them whether Steamwhistle paid for the footage.

Carter replied: To answer your question, no, Steamwhistle did not pay us for the footage.They hooked us up with free beer though!… and beer = $, so yes, yes they did pay us for the footage.

Everyone in Sudbury drinks  Moonshine, so the Beer Store doesn’t carry too many varieties… the only other kinds of beer we get in Sudbury are Laker Light, Busch and Force 10. If we had the choice, we’d have gotten OE but Steamwhistle came through in the clutch.” 

The video cost us a total of $20 in Hi8 tapes to shoot. We stole the sausages from our friend’s freezer, found the barbeque on the side of the road and some dude walking his dog saw us partying and came back with a deep fryer and fresh cut fries! What a city we live in.” 

My favourite track off The Almighy Rhombus EP is Ocean Floor, the second track on the album. Anything with strategically-applied “bah, bahs” and “wooos” is just plain feel-good. Even Though also has some catchy organ bits.

The band just released a cover of Sloane’s The Good In Everyone.

They’ll also be playing two showcases for CMW, where they’ll make you a free rhombus-shaped sandwich (their words, not mine!)

· At 1AM at Clinton’s on Tues May 6 (693 Bloor St. W)

· At 11PM at Rancho Relaxo on Wed May 7 (300 College St.)

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