Friday Grab Bag

For whatever reason, I tend to blog in chunks whenever I have an afternoon off (which are few and far between). It’s not that I don’t love Music Between Friends, it’s just that I love going to concerts, having dance parties, and lying around listening to records, which sometimes leaves little spare time after work.

We have gotten an overwhelming amount of submissions in the last week (120?!??!), so here’s a Grab Bag compiled from recent submissions to Music Between Friends.

Marginalia – Baby Guru (Pluto, Greece) Inner Ear – Bandcamp | Twitter | Website


Electric Minds – Record/Start (Brighton, Britain) Self-Released Soundcloud | Facebook | Website


Amazing Grace – Young Aundee (Sacramento) Waaga Records – Soundcloud | Facebook Twitter


Lie & Sow – Las Lanas (Brooklyn) Self-Released – Soundcloud


Slow White (Alto-Shaam Mix) – Easily Suede (Atlanta) DZ TapesBandcamp

Young Glove – Easily Suede


Almost Plastic – Ginla (Toronto) Self-Released – Soundcloud | Facebook  | Website


Lou Andreas-Salome – Sun Jun (Paris/Berlin) Self-ReleasedSoundcloud | Facebook


Borrowed Time – How To Be Topp (Brooklyn) Self-Released – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter



Never Thougth – Arkells (Hamilton) – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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