Indie-licious Tues April 29th 2014


This show goes out to everyone who takes the time to ask when my show will be back on the air :)

This particular playlist is now one of my favourites of 2014 – everything works really well together. My brain clearly melted when I was reading back the song titles after Ocean Death by Baths played (I don’t even know what I’m saying at that point – maybe “dares”?), but I have a cold + sore throat this week, so we’ll have to live with imperfection. Enjoy the podcast!

1. Youth – Ben Khan
2. This Landscape Is Our Escape – Dream Curtain
3. Kill Screen – Shadow Shadow
4. If I Go – Viscous Liquid
5. Fear – SUUNS
6. Fog Swimming – Orangatang
7. Naturally – Sean Nicholas Savage
8. Call Me In The Morning – King Henry
9. White Hot – Chipped Nails
10. Ocean Death – Baths
11. We Could Walk Together – The Clientele
12. Pins And Stitches – Modern Rivals
13. Know One – Circa Waves
14. Wasted – LOST BOY ?
15. Candleholder – Monomyth


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