Sunday Surf Rock from SALES, Best Friends & Diamond Mind

I’ve done a round up of some surf rock because there’s nothing I like listening to more when I’m desperate for summer. So if you’re looking for music that takes you on a mental vacation somewhere hot, with a beach until you can do the real thing, take a listen:

SALES (Orlando) –  Bandcamp | Facebook | TwitterSoundcloud

  • This is the type of music I dream of finding at the moment: sweet, romantic, surf rock. I haven’t listened to a song of theirs I didn’t immediately enjoy so I had to post a few tracks. I could have saved them for a full post, but didn’t want to wait any longer to share. Definitely a favourite of mine at the moment.

Best Friends (Sheffield, UK) – Bandcamp |Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter |

  • Surf rock with a bit more of a punky, garage band vibe.

Diamond Mind (Edmonton) – Bandcamp |  Facebook

  • I don’t instantly think of Edmonton, Alberta when I think of surf rock, but Diamond Mind does it well. The vocal dips give me a retro feeling too, I like it take a listen to their Bandcamp for more.


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