Heavenly Beat and Vacationer

Last Thursday, Sasha and I went to see Vacationer and Heavenly Beat at Lee’s Palace. I said hi to John Peña, the ex-bassist from Beach Fossils and total dreamboat behind Heavenly Beat. I was able to snag a pressing of Prominence (October 2013 on Captured Tracks). I’m very excited to play it on my new record player when it arrives in the mail (I’m having it delivered to work because I don’t trust the drug lords who live next door).

Hellogoodbye was originally slated as the second opener, but ended up swapping with Vacationer to finish the evening. I was actually kind of glad because it meant that I could leave early. I haven’t been into that SoCal pop-punk vibe since 2007 (RIP †). Sorry guys, but I already deleted all your singles off my iTunes.

The crowd was full of awkward white people dancing like fat, suburban moms who just scored a sick deal on a new high-efficiency vacuum at Costco, which was extremely entertaining to watch if you don’t have a moral compass (like me). In defense of suburban moms, the square footage of their houses is much larger and a good vacuum is hard to find.

Enjoy these tracks, I’m going to bed.

Heavenly Beat Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Soundcloud


Vacationer Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Soundcloud

Check out Vacationer’s brand new single The Wild LIfe from their upcoming LP Relief (out June 24th via Downtown Records).

This one’s old, but I don’t care. I love it to death.


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