Sleeping Orchard: low-key psychedelia for lazy days


Sleeping Orchard are an incredibly mysterious Canadian band mixing dissimilar genres to produce relaxed blues-folk-psych rock. They’ve put out two EPs (Skinny Tales For Fat Folks in November and II in February) but have minimal online presence and don’t list their hometown anywhere. There’s three of them. That’s all the creeping I feel like doing right now.

They recently sent us their second EP for review, which is a bit more psychedelic than the first (which is firmly planted in blues/folk territory). Between the two, Skinny Tales For Fat Folks holds a little more charm – I put it on in the morning while I was extremely groggy and it helped shake me out of my funk.

When I listen to this, I am transported to my favourite summer places: I am painting the deck on the first warm day of spring. I am walking through tall, scratchy sweetgrass in the midday sun. I am lying on my back in a green field that stretches onwards and upwards.

Landing Party 2.0 – Sleeping Orchard 
A wonderful evolution at the halfway mark from jaunty and playful into a gently riffing psychedelic instrumental breakdown.

I Hope I’m Going Somewhere  Sleeping Orchard 
A terse argument over something trivial. You know you’re being stubborn but you’d rather be right than happy.

Spiders – Sleeping Orchard
I am fine. Everything will be better tomorrow.

A Front Row Seat In The Sky – Sleeping Orchard 
A slow dance with a beer bottle making its way up to your lips. Your eyes fixated on the girl who will never be yours, watching her arms creep around your best friend’s neck.

The Magic Highway – Sleeping Orchard 
A hazy summer reimagining of Grizzly Bear‘s Sleeping Ute off their 2012 album Shields.

Sleeping Orchard Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Website (adorable)

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