Roosevelt’s “Small Hours” just yanked my heartstrings


There are some songs that break your heart on the first listen. They’re the songs that sound like the ones you listened to with a past lover… someone who used to hold your body tight and breathe into the back of your hair, who used to stroke the inside of your wrist and carry you to bed.

Of course, the logical part of your brain realizes it’s fully over now and it’s time to make new memories with someone new. But music has a funny way of pulling sensory memories into the light even when we want to forget them.

I was listening to new music this afternoon at work when this Roosevelt cover of John Martyn‘s Small Hours came on. I immediately broke down a bit inside. Something inside me twinged with the memory of someone who used to be around, and now he isn’t. He can’t be. Maybe I can’t listen to chillwave electronica anymore.

One thing I know is that this song is beautiful and I will be listening to Roosevelt’s debut EP Elliot (2013) tonight.

Roosevelt Soundcloud | Facebook | Website

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