Katie and Mel’s Excellent Adventure

I took the day off to celebrate my delightful friend Mel’s birthday today. Originally, our plan was to go to Value Village, grab some collaging materials, eat some burgers, and make art all day. But today ended up being even better than I ever could have imagined.

We were on our way to Value Village when we walked by the abandoned Tower Automotive Building (you can see some of my photos from today here). Mel and I are both into urban exploring so OF COURSE we looked for a way inside. It’s ten glorious floors of decrepit factory & office space – an absolute gem in an industrialized neighborhood that’s slowly being gentrified.

Recently, the Foundry’s concert (Four Tet & Purity Ring!!) had to move from Tower Automotive to 99 Sudbury on Saturday. I think that’s probably why we were able to find an easy way inside.

All 10 floors were extremely dirty (pigeon poop, spray paint cans, fallen tiles, broken glass). Even if the Foundry had been able to get permission from the city to go ahead with their permit, they wouldn’t have had time to clean all of the floors before the concert, considering they announced the venue change on Wednesday. It makes me suspect that they were anticipating a venue change, and only cleaned the main floor. There was too much asbestos, feces, and glass to be safe on other floors.

Anyways, here are three tracks that I was listening to today in anticipation of our big adventure. I’ll be sure to post a link to some of my artwork at some point! Gotta go shower off and have birthday dinner!

Always Gonna Feel Kinda Lonely – Hanna Kostamaa (Single) Soundcloud

Dojo Rising – Cloud Control (Dream Cave, Sept 16th 2013) Soundcloud | Facebook | Website

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