Scattered Percussion & Gregorian Chants: Plains Druid and Katie Gately (Blue Tapes Cassettes 11 and 8)

For our cassette purist readers out there, Blue Tapes is a cassette label based in the UK that spits out an eclectic variety of tapes every few months. They’re one of my favourite go-to cassette labels just for the challenging work they showcase.

Some artists are incredibly bizarre, like Los Angeles composer Katie Gately with her eerie acapella sketches that leave you feeling timid and hollowed out. Influenced by Gregorian chants and futuristic chorale music, it is completely vocal – no instruments were used in the production of Blue Tapes Eight: Katie Gately. Limited to 200 copies, you can grab it here.


Katie Gately Soundcloud | Twitter | Website

Other artists like Arizona-based “swag demon” Plains Druid are a little more spacey & nu age.


I kept going back and forth about whether I thought the music “evolved” enough over the course of the 15-minute tape preview (check it out below).

After about five repeated listens, I decided that it’s just minimalistic enough to allow your thoughts to coalesce on their own in the back of your mind. As Blue Tapes themselves say, it’s great for putting on headphones and slipping into a hallucinogenic dream.

Ironically enough, Blue Tapes themselves state that Plains Druid’s cassette is the natural sequel to Katie Gately’s, but I just paired them together in my own brain while putting together this post. Neat! Music nerd minds think alike.

Blue Tapes Eleven: Plains Druid is out in April and limited to 100 copies, so snag it here.

Here are some more tracks from Plains Druid’s sold-out cassette Swag Demon (Sept 2013) which I think are delightful as well.

Plains Druid FacebookTwitter | Soundcloud

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