Saturday Grab Bag: Alex Cameron, Jettison Tape, Suntrapp, Cavaliers of Fun

Real talk. It’s already noon and I wanna crush out this post so I can go make cupcakes and fix my bike. We’ve been getting a TON of great track submissions this week, so I thought I’d share them all at once and then go shower, because I am unclean and you could probably learn a lot about food identification from looking at my hair.

Alex Cameron (Australia) – Twitter | Website (HILARIOUS, PLEASE VISIT) | Facebook

Currently at #SXSW, killing it with his special brand of seductive synthy glam pop.

Pre-order his new album here.

Jettison Tape (Brooklyn) – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Frolicking dreamscapes, skipping through sunshine, feeding your crush buckets of melted ice cream and dropping sprinkles in their eyes. Dave Fischoff is the man behind Jettison Tape (his namesake comes from his penchant for scouring used bins for discarded cassettes). He recorded the entirety of Second Sleep from his apartment (that’s the kind of work ethic I can really get behind). Grab the entire album (released Jan 3rd 2014) as PWYC on Bandcamp here.

Suntrapp (Newcastle) – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

We all need a bit more beautiful British folk music in our lives, especially on the weekends. Jake recorded this one for the Roundhouse 30/30 Project and just released it a month ago. Lovely!

Cavaliers of Fun (space, probably) – Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Sloppy affectionate synth music for the nostalgic-driven 80s video gamer in all of us.

Happy weekend!!!!!!

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