Cheers Elephant premieres lyric video for “Peoples” off 2012’s Like Wind Blows Fire

Los Angeles transplants Cheers Elephant make some of tastiest indie rock around.  After capturing a ton of buzz at last year’s SXSW from their 2012 self-released Like Wind Blows Fire, they’re back at SXSW playing 12 (!!!!!!) shows. Check out some of my favourite Cheers Elephant tracks from Like Wind Blows Fire and the new lyric video for Peoples below. The poster for their insane SXSW schedule is at the bottom of this post.

Doin’ It, Right is basically programmed to make your head nod.

Leaves is the track you put on an autumn mixtape for a girl you’ve been thinking about all summer.

Get Ya! was made for sun-dripped roadtrips to the lake.

Here’s the lyric video for Peoples, the first track off Like Wind Blows Fire.

If you’re at SXSW, be sure to check them out at one of the 12 shows they’ll be playing. Someone should probably bring a packet of electrolytes and a few IVs for that last one.


Cheers Elephant Twitter | Facebook| Bandcamp


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