Toronto slowcore musician Barzin’s contemplative “All The While”

I don’t often write about folk music anymore, mostly because I’m rarely sitting still long enough to appreciate it. I think you have to have a certain measure of patience and inner tranquility to appreciate the sparsity of falling notes. Toronto’s Barzin makes music like rain dripping down a windowpane – perhaps a little sad, but it depends on whether you’re looking outside or in.

MP3: All The While – Barzin (via Rolling Stone)

All The While is the first single off Barzin’s fourth album, To Live Alone In That Long Summer out today on Monotreme Records

Stream the rest of the album on NY Times’s Press Play here. My favourite tracks are In The Dark You Can Love This Place and Stealing Beauty. Lovely stuff!

Canadian Tour dates

March 7th – Montreal – Under The Snow Music Festival
March 14th – Windsor – The Phog Lounge
March 22nd – Toronto – The Music Gallery
March 27th – Guelph – The EBar
March 28th – Hamilton – Christ’s Church Cathedral (New Harbour Music Series)

Barzin Website | Twitter | Facebook

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