Music Video: “Your Ceiling Is My Floor” by Montreal’s Each Other

Do you guys remember how much I loved Halifax’s Long Long Long right up until their tragic breakup? After they split up, two of the dudes moved to Montreal and formed Each Other and put out some very good records (see below for proof).

Today, they released the music video for Your Ceiling Is My Floor, the first single off Being Elastic, out March 4th via Lefse Records (pre-order here).

This video reminds me of something conjured up while drunk or stoned and longing for simpler, more pixelated dialed-up times. Of course, I adore it. Probably because my entire sense of humour was weaned on the Something Awful forums, Fred and Sharon, and Tim & Eric.

Video by Toronto’s own bizarre arts collective Tough Guy Mountain, who are putting on some excellent projection work at Wavelength 14 at this very moment. THIS VERY MOMENT AT SILVER DOLLAR ROOM (and here I am in my living room writing about it). I’m gonna go see their stuff at The Garrison on Sunday though at the Cousins show.

Each Other also made this awesome album called Heavily Spaced back in 2012, which is very, very good. You should probably be excited by Being Elastic now.

Make sure to check out Being Elastic when it comes out next month!

Each Other Facebook
Tough Guy Mountain Facebook | Twitter

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