Favourite tracks from Bibio’s new release, “The Green E.P.”

Listening to Bibio (aka Stephen Wilkinson, London folktronic producer and renowned heartstring tugger) makes me feel as though I’m sorting through stacks of old photographs. I feel a sense of panging for a time that doesn’t exist anymore, and maybe only existed inside my head. It’s a strange mix of sweet sentiment and sadness channeled into beautifully crafted electronic songs. Even though I’ve probably over-listened to Ambivalence Avenue and Mind BokehI always come back to these albums whenever I’m taking a long walk in the woods.

The Green E.P. is Wilkinson’s follow up to last year’s Silver Wilkinson, his seventh studio album. Released on January 27, 2014 on Warp, the vinyl is a beautiful bottle green. There’s something really appealing about well-made and carefully pressed vinyl.

Starting with a track cut straight from Silver Wilkinson, Dye The Water Green segues into a series of ambient looping tracks accentuated by Bibio’s trademark dreamy electronic pings.

Here are my favourite two tracks from the EP. The last three tracks of the EP, Carbon Wolf, A Thousand Syllables, and The Spinney View Of Hinkley Point are a bit too overwhelmingly ambient for me, and almost feel like drowning inside a lonely cathedral. I like when Bibio keeps it short and sweet.

Bibio: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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